What Can You Do with a Business Administration Degree?

Business administration is a wide and varied field that involves the oversight and management of a business’s operations. This includes focused specialisms such as finance, accounting, human resources, marketing, project management, and more. The varied nature of this industry means that individuals will rarely be working in just one area.

For anyone interested in challenging and fast-paced work, business administration can be an exciting career with very good long-term prospects. Demand for people with expertise in business administration has grown over the years, making it a solid industry for those who have interests and aptitudes in this field.

If you’re in the early stages of applying for a bachelor’s degree and are interested in business administration, below are some of the career opportunities that can be found in this industry.

Management Accountant

Accounting is one of the most well-known careers that arise from business administration. If you’re good with numbers and are able to explain financial information, management accounting is a good career step. Depending on the organization, some of the key skills of a Management Accountant include preparing financial statements and budgets, formulating business strategies, analyzing financial performance, and communicating financial data to other managers within the organization. If this career appeals to you, you may want to undertake a Bachelor in Business Administration at Touro University Worldwide. The average salary for a Management Accountant is $60k/year.

Human Resources Director

Human resources are an integral part of a business. An HR Director’s role is to advise on policies and to ensure that the employees within an organization are not only happy but are also provided with adequate training and opportunities. Of the many tasks within this role, HR Directors are responsible for equal pay measures, recruitment, compliance with employment law, working conditions, and more. If this area appeals to you, it may be helpful to know that HR Directors can take home a healthy salary of $88k/year.

Sales Manager

Sales Managers are responsible for selling the products and services of a business or organization. These sales may be to other companies (B2B), individuals (B2C) or government organizations, and can involve both domestic and international transactions. If you’re good at making and maintaining relationships and enjoy the process of promoting products and services, this role may be ideal for you. Good sales managers can negotiate, communicate, liaise between parties, and be able to represent the company and its products in a structured and professional manner. The average yearly salary for sales managers is around $66k, but you can expect to add more with commissions.

Advertising Executive

Advertising can be a difficult industry. As an Ad Executive, you will need to be able to tap into and understand the advertising needs of the customers. Ad execs are the main point of contact between clients and media agencies, which is why their salaries can range anywhere from $170k – $250k. The main activities associated with an Ad Executive is the creation and management of advertising campaigns and liaising between the clients and those involved with the service delivery. Essentially, their main role is to drive the creativity of the campaign and ensure the clients’ needs are taken care of.

Operations Manager

Operations management is integral to the inner workings of an organization. Not only do they work to improve the efficiency, quality, and productivity of the business, but they also oversee high-level recruitment and ensure that standards and protocols are adhered to. Operations managers are also key in developing and implementing operational procedures to improve the productivity of the organization. If you enter this field, expect to take home roughly $66k per year.

Investment Banking

Investment bankers work in a range of areas, but most notably in corporate finance, equity capital, and debt capital. To be a good investment banker, you will need to have an aptitude for finance as well as a keen understanding of how money is made and invested. Your primary role will be to advise companies, governments, or businesses about achieving their financial goals by identifying and researching available market opportunities. Investment bankers can make a hefty salary, as the starting range in the US is $100k per year.

The above-mentioned careers are just some of the avenues you can take with a Business Administration degree. If you are looking at this area as a potential area of study, be sure to research widely and enroll at a university or college that can provide the training you need.

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