Ways to Reward Students for Good Behavior

college-studentsIt goes without saying that a student always feels special and encouraged when presented with awards, rewards or when a teacher simply praises and compliments his actions in front of a mass. One can see that handing out rewards is like adding some colors to the ongoing dull experience of the continuous learning process.

Rewards could be intrinsic and extrinsic as well, but obviously something a student can hold in his hands, show to friends and parents or something he could exclusively experience could be much more motivating and could stem recognition that flows from one level to the other.

Currently, with significance of school rewards being acknowledged worldwide, there are websites such as SchoolAwards that even invite rewards sponsorships. But, how exactly are you going to reward your students? To guide you through that, mentioned below are a few methods one could use to reward students to reinforce their good behavior:

  • Trophies and Medals: There is nothing more pleasing and motivating than receiving a trophy or a medal or even a certificate in front of a mass, which includes your friends and family. The three major benefits of awarding a student with trophies are mentioned below:
  • Recognition: Holding a trophy provides the students with a sense of pride and with the opportunity to assure the self that everyone has seen or at least heard of his achievement. With this recognition comes reinforcement to keep performing the best.
  • Increased morale: With the belief among the students that doing certain things might lead to receiving awards and recognition, their morale is boosted as they try their best to get the best of results.
  • Performance: When students receive recognition for their works, they will be more satisfied and ultimately try their best to give the highest level of their performance whether it is in the class, in an auditorium or in a playground.
  • Get together: Another way to convey the students that you appreciate their performance is by calling them over to get together and have a quality time. The teacher and the students could get out of the academic space, have lunch together, the teacher could perhaps take the students for a movie or they could play games and have fun together.
  • Longer Breaks: I am sure all of us, at some point in our lives have experienced the pleasure that surfaces when a teacher comes late in a class or when he allows longer recess. Letting the students have longer breaks, leaving the classes a little earlier once in a while or playing games with the students occasionally could be another way to show that you are pleased with their behavior.
  • Group Points: To those who have read Harry Potter series, group point isn't a new concept. Your good performance could earn your group points or benefits. This is excellent if the class or the school is divided into groups. Rewarding a group with points due to the actions of a single individual increases his recognition within that group and eventually the combined efforts of the team members to earn recognition enhances group performance
  • The Wall of Fame: This method makes sure that not only the students, but also the administrative staffs know about the excellence of the student as a wall near the administrative department is filled and updated with the honoree's name and achievements.

These are a few methods as to how your students could be rewarded. Feel free to use the best ones as demanded by the situation and create the best learning environment.

If you have any questions, please ask below!