Ways to enhance skills of homeschooling kids

freeerWe live in an era where so many parents now chose to take the homeschooling path. However, it is not as easy as it sounds since it requires the application of some techniques for it to work. There are many challenges which come as a result of homeschooling. Fortunately, this article seeks to help you with ways you can enhance the skills of your homeschooling kids. As we are living in an age where everything has a touch of technology in it, we have put together a list of digital home learning methods. That will ensure you not only put up with the latest trends but your children will also get the best there is.

Use online learning programs

Children now days adore using computers or tablets rather than writing or reading textbooks. You can use this knowledge to your advantage by incorporation of digital learning into the home school program that you have. There are also myriads and myriads of online learning programs that can assist you to achieve that. These platforms provide direct access to ready curriculums which target classrooms. That means that what your children learn is similar to what the other kids their age is also learning. As if that is not sufficient, it only gets better since most of these are free. They offer access to plenty of books on all subjects.

Therefore, your children not only enjoy better access to variety but also get to enjoy learning from the comfort of their homes. However, learning is not any kids’ cup of tea even if it is done at home. That is why you should strive to make it better by offering them rewards when they do a good job in their online exams. Look for ways to award them such as taking them on little outings or small gifts. This way you will not only enhance your homeschooling experience, but it will also create a positive impact on your children. Reason being they will look forward to the next program because they know mommy/daddy will offer them a reward. Like indicated previously, the world is embracing technology at a very high rate and so should you and your family. There is no better way to help your kids get used to high tech than digital learning. It offers them a mental preparation for current careers and much more.

Nonetheless, you ought to be very careful as there are the downsides that come with leaving your kids to an uncensored internet access. It exposes them to cyberbullying, online predators and even pornographic sites. Therefore, you should always ensure that you limit their internet flexibility by leaving them with sites that are educational. You can also install apps on their computers which will allow you to see what they are doing when you are away. That will protect them from the perils that the internet might have. Also, information is the key, so take it upon you to tell them about these dangers. Do not leave them wondering why Mummy is always checking what we are doing or why can’t we use other sites apart from the selected few. That might spark their curiosity and put them in danger as they may want to try it on their own

Short Animation Movies

You can apply this method by putting into use that old DVD that you had put away. Buy subject based animation films. For instance, if your child is not that good at maths, you can always purchase a short movie with animal characters whose primary area of focus is mathematics. Your kids are likely to interact with the characters better than they would have done if it was doing the exact sum on a book on their own. Whenever you ask a question about a topic that they watched, the first thing that comes to their minds is how the animation character tackled it. They will then apply this and give you the correct answer. Another good thing about these movies is that there are varieties of subjects to select from. Some are for poems, others science and much more which aim at educating your child. Therefore if you manage to get quality animation movies for your kids, they will not only improve their memory and understanding, but they will also enjoy the process of learning. Apart from DVD’s, there are numerous sources of the animation films. You can use a flash disk to store the movies or even source from television stations dedicated to learning programs. This method is a sure gateway to enhance the learning capacity of your homeschooling kids. It has minimal risks in comparison to using the internet since they will be watching from your DVD or smart TV which requires no censoring.

The above two methods are better than telling your kids to run to their textbooks each morning. They make home learning much more attractive. They also leave a pictorial memory in their minds. So that whenever you ask a question based on what they learned or saw on the internet, they will be in a better position to answer you.

Give Rewards

Too much work and no rewards is tiring even for an adult. Therefore, motivate your kids by offering them awards for each little accomplishment. They will have a better morale to go back to that online platform again to learn. You can download printable award templates which you offer them whenever they do well so they can have something to remember their accomplishments with. When you apply the above methods, and add icing on the cake by awarding them, their home learning abilities are going to be a notch higher.

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