Top Tips for Both Tutors and Students

mother-and-daughterMidterm exams and finance homework assignments are very often associated with lots of stress, long hours spend studying and probably barrels of coffee. With pretty much no one available to help, the situation starts to look pretty grim.

One of the most common ways to get help in these dark times is with the help of a professional tutor. While local ones are rarely compatible with the average student's budget, popular online tutoring platforms like Student Lance are about to change this for the better! Nowadays, you can seek help from highly qualified tutor without leaving your room and even afford it with your tiny budget. So how to get the maximum of online learning sessions? Here are my top tips for both students and tutors:

Seek Help Early

Don't leave seeking help from qualified online tutor to virtually the last minute! The earlier you start the learning sessions, the more successful you will be with your education. Being successful in school or university requires laying down solid foundation of knowledge and slowly building upon it.

Tutors, who need to help students to prepare for a test or complete homework assignment at the last minute, I would suggest its better either not to accept the request at all or to ask the student to prepare specific questions and subjects that need to be covered during the learning sessions. Don't waste your time with other methods - you are not a magician!

Proper Preparation

The success of the entire learning session lies at the proper preparation and planning for the lesson. Both students and tutors need to collaborate to come up with the exact topic, as well as materials that need to be covered.

No matter how familiar you were with specific science field or subject, chances are your knowledge is slipping away from you every day you don't put it to the use. Preparing for effective online tutoring sessions requires at least 1 day preparation.

Proper Communication

Learning, like pretty much everything in life requires effective communication in order to work properly. Cases when the student doesn't have a clue about the nature of the studying materials are not rare and definitely don't contribute to proper education. If you are a student don't be afraid to ask any questions you have, no matter how stupid they seem to be and if you are a tutor - don't feel frustrated and try to provide as detailed answer as possible to the student!

How to Sustain Effective Learning Sessions?

If you have followed all tips mentioned above, you already have healthy relationship with your tutor/student and you are on the path to improving both your knowledge and skills! However, once you gain a momentum, it's definitely not the time to slow down.

Plan all learning sessions well in advance and leave enough time for proper preparation. Repeat all tips mentioned above again and again until you are 100% satisfied with your academic performance!

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