Top Reasons to Choose Portable Classrooms for Schools

Portable ClassroomsIt's happening as we speak. Modular buildings are taking constructions all over the country by storm and it was only a matter of time before schools started opting for portable classrooms; an inexpensive, quick and eco-friendly solution to growing expenses and increasing enrollments.

Sure, modular classrooms are innovative and do carry a certain appeal and obvious functionality, but there are pressing concerns about how they match up to their traditional brick and mortar counterparts and whether they can actually stand the test of time. It would be easy to argue in favor of mobile classrooms, but in reality there are very good reasons portable classrooms should be your next choice of classrooms.

Reason 1: Functionality and practicality go hand-in-hand

Cutting edge technology has made it possible for modular classrooms to be equipped with all the amenities found in traditional classrooms and it is now possible to have entire structures over a course of a few months as opposed to years. These classrooms prove to be functional and practical in any economy with growing enrollments each year.

Reason 2: They fulfill an urgent need

If there's one thing that is apparent with these modular classrooms is the small time frame within which they can be built. Whenever there is an urgent need due to sudden fluctuation in enrollments, modular classrooms come into play. These classrooms are built over a duration of a few months fulfilling any immediate need for classrooms that may arise.

Reason 3: Modular school buildings are in fact, sustainable buildings

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the total building generated Construction & Demolition waste in America was estimated to be 325 million tons in 2003. Demolition accounts for 48 percent of the waste stream every year, renovation (44 percent), and new construction (8 percent) thanks to heavy construction being carried out year after year. Modular buildings, however, adopt a different approach to waste management. Not only are they constructed in modules in factories, but they're constructed in a time-effective manner that reduces the waste produced substantially.

Reason 4: The product itself can be reused and recycled time after time

More and more modular construction companies are adopting sustainable methods and materials to make these buildings environment friendly. However, they're also built in a way that they can reused over and over again. These structures can easily be deconstructed, moved and reused over the years and that which cannot be reused can either be recycled or sold instead of finding its way into a landfill.

Reason 5: Your choice is not only limited to modular classrooms

Interestingly, modular schools have the choice of a whole range of modular solutions to fit their needs. Some of the options are modular libraries, modular administrative offices, restrooms, gymnasiums, cafeterias etc.

Whatever your need, modular constructions have made it possible to have cost-effective, viable, environment friendly portable classroom facilities in a matter of a few months.

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