Top Photography Schools With The Best Reputations in The U.S.

PhotographyLearning more about photography by reading up on the subject can be beneficial and enjoyable. But those who want to gain valuable knowledge to take their hobby or photography business to the next level should consider taking courses at a photography school.

In addition to learning more about camera equipment and photography techniques, students in photography schools benefit from the expertise of the teachers. A chance to work with someone who's producing the quality and kinds of photos an individual aspires to create can help increase skill level, enthusiasm, and provide fresh inspiration.

Before enrolling in photography school, it's wise to look into the school's reputation. Likewise, photography schools that want to increase awareness of their stellar reputation can gain effective help from reputation management services companies.

Here are the top photography institutions with the best reputations in the United States of America.

The Rocky Mountain School of Photography (RMSP). Imagine learning more about photography in a setting as beautiful as the Rocky Mountain area. This photography school is ideal for the student who's short on time but wants to learn more about digital technology or professional-level photography.

Intensive courses with one-month timeframes are available on many topics, for students of various levels who come to study and photograph the scenic surroundings.

Art Institute of Chicago (AIC). Students can learn and hone their craft in the photography program ranked second by US News & World Report. Whether taking a few courses or seeking a degree, photography lovers will enjoy the inspiration and opportunities that await them in this city.

From the Magnificent Mile to the sandy shores of Lake Michigan, photography students at the Art Institute of Chicago never run out of inspiration, or video and photo opportunities.

The New York Institute of Photography (NYIP). The oldest photography school in the United States and the largest in the world, the New York Institute of Photography is a highly reputed learning institution for anyone serious about photography.

This school offers a range of resident programs. It also offers the convenience of learning remotely for students who want to take advantage of the New York Institute's outstanding program but can't relocate to New York.

Arizona State University (ASU). The highly regarded Arizona State Herberger Institute School of Art isn't easy to get into, but those lucky enough to do so are in for the education of a lifetime.

With a faculty of six full-time members and the acceptance of no more than several dozen students per year, the person who gets into this program can look forward to a stellar learning experience and the opportunity to work closely with a variety of artists.

The Oklahoma School of Photography (OSP). The Oklahoma School of Photography offers specific courses for professionals, such as photo restoration and lab techniques. For students who want to immerse themselves in a short but intense learning program such as digital imaging, this well-known school offers a variety of 36-week courses.

SchoolProgram CostStudent-Teacher RatioFilm Programs?Lighting Programs?Medium Format?Studio AccessNotable Grads
AIC$37,00012:1YesYesYesYesVictor Skrebneski
NYIP$650 - 1000 / classHome-StudyNoYesYesNoRichard Weede
ASU$442 - 482 / credit hour24:1YesYesYesYesUnsure

Discovering New Ways to Enjoy the Art of Photography

Whether a person takes a 10-week course or pursues a degree in photography, the knowledge and skills gained can open up new avenues and opportunities.

Note that for all the courses mentioned in the article, the students must supply their own equipment and gear.

Photography courses are a great idea for any individual who aspires to take better pictures or wants to learn specific skills, ranging from how to use lighting properly to how to teach others about the art of photography.

No matter how photography fits into a person's life, becoming more immersed in this visual art can be an enriching experience.

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