Top Five International Schools to Study Business Abroad

frferfeStudying abroad is an excellent opportunity to get exposure to the various cultures and resume building experiences. This is due to the fact that not only will you get to explore and study a completely new region of the world, but you’ll also experience dissimilar methods of education, acquire new cultures, develop new interests, make new lifelong friends, and be presented with new career opportunities that you wouldn’t easily find otherwise. Since the dawn of the 20th Century, Globalization has significantly altered business approaches; hence, learning from an institution that is based on blending and reinforcing international business standards has become a sought-after quality. If this sounds like an attractive path for you, following are the top five international schools to study business abroad.


1. GBSB Global Business School – Spain

GBSB is the first business school in Barcelona to target the global economy. It offers degrees in the disciplines of International Management, Business, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Operations Management, Digital Business, and Marketing. It’s the highest ranked institution in Europe in the Guide to Sustainability Schools, and according to the Newsweek Magazine, it is a Leader in Global Education. GBSB is an ideal institution for those looking for legitimate and valuable business certifications across Europe. The institution focuses on instilling in its students the capacity to think globally regardless of their location or origin. It emphasizes on business ethics and sustainability, and it ensures its graduates are employable by equipping them with modern and practical business knowledge. For those who love to mix pleasure and education, you’ll find GBSB an ideal solution since the institution is located near the sea; so you can study during the day, and play ball at the beach in the evenings.

2. London Business School (LBS) – UK

Located at Regent’s Park in London, LBS is one of the business schools in the world with an Elite status. According to the Financial Times, it’s ranked among the top four institutions that offer Executive Education. LBS offers prestigious EMBA, MBA, and MSc programs addressing finance, economics, marketing, management science and operations, entrepreneurship, organizational behavior, and strategy. It’s part of the institutions that produce the world’s most employable graduates. 95% of LBS graduates who apply for jobs are accepted; 45% of them being hired in the UK, and 32% in Europe, with an annual starting salary of around $66,000. More than 100 nationalities are represented on campus, and to lure most of the world’s brightest students, the institution provides various international scholarships; for instance, the Global Master’s in Management Scholarship.

3. INSEAD – France

INSEAD considers itself “The Business School for The World” and this claim is not based on empty word’s since it’s part of the world’s largest and leading graduate business schools. It provides a merging ground for people, ideas, and cultures from all corners of the globe, to revolutionize businesses and transform lives. The distinctive universal point of view and multicultural diversity of the institution are evident in all facets of its teaching and research in its three main campuses globally: Europe – Fontainebleau, France, Middle East – Abu Dhabi, and Asia – Singapore. INSEAD has 148 illustrious faculty members representing around 40 countries, who have played a significant role in the education and success of beyond 1,300 degree and Ph.D. scholars worldwide.


1. Harvard University – USA

Just so that you know, Harvard is where Facebook was born, and also where it first operated before becoming a worldwide phenomenon. Harvard University was founded in 1636 and is America’s oldest establishment for higher education. Some interesting characters that come to mind whenever the university is being discussed are, you guessed it; Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Barak Obama, just to mention a few. It is the leading university in the world when it comes to Social Sciences and Management, as well as Life Sciences and Medicine. Furthermore, it is ranked among the top three universities in the world in Natural Sciences, and Arts and Humanities. Harvard is dedicated to providing excellent teaching, and research and learning resources and opportunities. With an enrollment of more than 20,000 Degree candidates, it’s located in Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts. The university has over 360,000 alumni worldwide.

2. University of Pennsylvania – USA

Established in 1740 by Benjamin Franklin, the University of Pennsylvania (or Penn or UPenn) is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. If you do your math, you’ll realize how old this institution is and the significance it has in the history of America. It’s a private Ivy League Institution, so there is a stiff competition among applicants. To get in, you have to first discover what it takes and ensure you meet that criteria. The prestige and significance of its undergraduate business program are distinguished by the General Finance major, regardless of the fact that there are hundreds of other potential majors.

Penn’s globally acclaimed Wharton School of Business was the pioneer of college-level business schools in the USA, established in 1881. It’s recognized for its consolidation of business studies with the liberal arts, and its vast selection of business foci. It’s one of the most preferred business schools, offering 20 disciplines throughout 10 departments. Students from across the globe have the option to select business disciplines from marketing to social responsibility and impact, and from accounting to global analysis.

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  1. You can add to this list the business school in Lausanne, one of the most prestigious in the world. Their MBA program is considered one of the most complex and qualitative. The course helps to learn about the main aspects of business management and learn to solve the most difficult tasks. In addition, IMD has an EMBA program designed for entrepreneurs with at least 10 years of business experience. European School of Management and Technology has been working in Berlin since 2002 and has already managed to get on the list of the most influential business schools in the world. A private institution opened on the initiative of 25 leading German companies, teaches students from all over the world on MBA, EMBA, and Executive Education programs. The MBA course is divided into two parts: the first seven months of students are trained in management skills, and in the next five focus on leadership qualities. In addition, each student has a mentor from an influential German company.

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