Top 5 Reasons People fail their Real Estate License Exam

One of the beautiful things about real estate licensing examinations is that the trainers meet people from all education levels, all walks of life, with different backgrounds and levels of understanding of the real estate market. Because of this broad swath demographically, there are different ‘styles’ of real estate study planning and exam preparation tactics.

For example, there are students who really desire to pass their real estate examination to the point that they are willing to do to whatever it takes. For such learners, planning and effort aren’t necessarily an issue. Then there is the habitual exam taker, time waster, the person you cannot figure out what it is they want to accomplish. Regardless of how effective the real estate prep guide or the course you have bought online is, there are some reasons people fail these exams. Some of these reasons include;

1. Procrastination

Most people opt to wait to take the state examination so that they get more time to study. This isn’t a good idea. You’re either lying to the people around you or to yourself. The reality is that all your study materials will gather dusty until your license examination is scheduled. Then, you will focus on cramming the course content, just like any other student preparing for a short-term test.

That means you will end up spending the same effort and time as you could now. Why not take the examination when the knowledge is still fresh in your mind?

2. Failure to adhere to a study plan

Probably you don’t like studies. And perhaps you registered for a real estate license examination just because your friend’s nephew said that it was an easy test. Well, the reality is, nothing about this exam is easy and straightforward. Keep in mind that real estate is a great career, sustainable, and the industry presents many opportunities for professionals. However, you must meet all the state and national requirements to launch your real estate career.

3. Bad exam preparation program or materials

Just like an athlete preparing for a game, you must fuel yourself adequately for the real estate license exam. But if you take a poor study course or have a lousy study manual, the chances are that you are doomed. Right or not, your success in the examination will be determined by how well you prepare for the test, a process that requires excellent preparation guides and program.

4. Allocating too much time on less important things

You must have heard this famous saying, ‘easy way is the right way.’ Other experts will advise you to be effective and purposeful. If you intend to take a real estate license examination, you should know how much content in each section of the exam. These valuable details must be factored in your exam study plan.

For example, on the fundamentals section of the real estate examination, the first section focuses on property law and ownership. In some exam preparation materials, this section covers about 30 pages. Heck, you could end up spending too much time studying this area as compared to other sections of the exam.

However, if you study the content outline, you will realize that this section has only five questions. That is five out of eighty questions! Therefore, you shouldn’t spend too much time on this section. When creating a study plan, you should be careful not to allocate too much time on less important aspects.

5. Test anxiety

Generally, not everyone is a great test taker. In case you are nervous about taking the license exam, you should take the right steps to help you relax and concentrate on what you are required to do. You should never enter an examination room with the feeling that you’re going to fail or with the wrong mind-set.

Just the way an athlete prepares for a competition, you should do the same if you are preparing for a real estate examination. Study smart while following a good preparation plan. Choose the right study program and you will not worry about failing the exam. Always remember that if you fail the real estate preparation examination, you will have to pay and retake the test.

If you have any questions, please ask below!