Top 10 Interesting Sites For Ambitious Students

libraryAmbitious students want to get everything they can out of their college experience. This includes excelling academically, preparing for future career opportunities, and living life to the fullest while they are in school. These aren’t easy objectives to fulfill. Fortunately, there are 10 websites that are perfect for ambitious students.

1. Purdue’s Online Writing Lab

Affectionately known as OWL, this online writing resource is available to the general public, not just Purdue University students. It has become so popular that many college students rely on this writing lab more than they rely on the writing resources offered by their own university. Students who wish to insure that they successfully complete their writing assignments use OWL to learn about the various writing assignments they receive in college, to view writing samples, and to learn about the requirements of various citation formats.

There are many grammar checking websites and utilities available to students. However, Grammarly provides the most thorough checking of all of these tools, and it is completely free. Students can either use the grammarly plug in for chrome, enter text through the Grammarly website, or download and activate Grammarly as an add on for MS Word.


The more time a student can spend on academics, the more successful they will be. Mint takes the complexities out of managing finances for students by providing them with a set of utilities that allows them to pay bills, track spending, and keep track of their credit scores.


Smart Paper Help provides students with professional writing assistance on essays, research papers, term papers, coursework, and other writing assignments. In addition to this, students can also receive help with personal statements, scholarship essays, and admissions essays. When students are ready to begin looking for jobs, they can go to for resume, CV, and cover letter writing assistance.

5. Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization

This is a website dedicated to helping college students pursue the goal of becoming business owners. The website offers members assistance in improving their entrepreneurial skills by providing leadership training, providing students with the opportunity to participate in entrepreneurship competitions, providing students with networking opportunities, and the opportunity to participate in local events with other like-minded students.

6. Career Rookie

Career Rookie is a resource that connects students and recent graduates with internships and entry level job opportunities. Students can search the job listings, post resumes, and read informative content on topics related to finding the ideal position immediately after graduation. Some of the biggest employers in the world use Career Rookie to find student interns and to hire student workers.

7. Google Scholar

The most ambitious students know that the best resources for academic research can be found using Google Scholar. Rather than sifting through the garbage that comes up in normal search engine results pages, students who use Google Scholar are pointed towards academic articles, books, case law, and other resources that they can use to successfully complete research papers and other advanced academic assignments.

8. Ebay

Many students do not realize this, but the average college campus is a goldmine for students who are ambitious enough to take the time to find discarded items and resell them for profit on Ebay. College students are constantly discarding furniture, clothing, and even electronics as they upgrade to newer items. This is especially true at the beginning and ends of each semester. Students who want to earn extra money for the semester can collect these items and then sell them on Ebay.

9. Coursera

Ambitious college students know that there is more to learning than the courses that are offered by their home university. This is why many of them enhance their learning by taking free courses offered via Coursera. They pick up more knowledge and additional skills while also earning the ability to include the names of some the world’s most prestigious institutes of higher learning to their resumes.

10. Easybib

No college student wants to work hard on a research paper only to be dinged because they didn’t properly cite their sources. Easybib takes the worry out of this by providing students with the appropriate citation for any source and any citation format.

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