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In March 2016 it was reported that the UK health and fitness industry grew significantly. The health and fitness industry in the UK experienced an increase of 1.9% in the number of fitness facilities and a massive 5.3% increase in the number of gym memberships.

As a whole this led to an increase of 3.2% in the market value for the UK health and fitness industry, making it quite a booming industry!

As many fitness lovers headed to their local gym ready to start their fitness journey, this resulted in a greater demand for Personal Trainers. This growing demand for Personal Trainers had quite a few people asking ‘is a career in personal training for me?’.

Although many people started with this question they often ended up with no answer as they didn’t know where to start. Likewise quite a few people simply couldn’t find options that would allow them to study around their commitments.

Here at the Training Room we can tell you that when it comes to personal training courses there are a variety of options available, with online learning becoming quite a popular option.

The number of students learning online has increased in recent years, this is because online learning provides many different benefits.

What Are The Benefits of Online Learning?

When it comes to e-learning courses there are a variety of benefits that appeal to students. For instance, a recent study reported that people quite often find themselves time poor.

As a result, this affects their ability to enrol onto full-time or part-time courses for professional development or even a career change!

With online learning, students can learn around their commitments such as family or work meaning that they can learn at a pace that suits their needs.

As students are able to learn at their own pace they are also supported by access to state-of-the-art platforms for course material and direct contact with a specialist online learning tutor.

Similarly, another benefit as to why students tend to prefer online learning is convenience. With online learning, students are able to study from the comforts of their home without having to miss out on any commitments such as family life.


Personal Training Courses Online provided by The Training Room

At The Training Room, we provide anonline personal training coursewhich is an internationally recognised qualification designed to make you ‘industry ready’!

Our e-learning personal training course is made up of two core certificates; ‘Active IQ Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing’ and ‘Active IQ Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training’.

Designed with you in mind our Active IQ Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training allows you to study around your current commitments meaning that you are in control of your start and finish date. Specific to the course content our e-learning course will provide you with a firm understanding of the principles of fitness, health, and exercise. Similarly, our e-learning course will also provide you with the knowledge on how you can guide and support your clients in their fitness journey.

As part of student support with The Training Room, we will give you the opportunity to attend CPD (Continuing Professional Development) courses so that you can further your career and earning potential in the health and fitness industry.

As an e-learning student, you will also be supported through direct contact with an e-learning tutor who is an expert in your subject area while being provided access to our innovative e-learning platform.

Throughout the duration of your course and beyond graduation you will be guided every step of the way. From the moment you register we offer our graduate careers support for up to 3 years. That’s not all! Beyond graduation, we also guarantee you an interview with a leading UK health club to help you kickstart your fitness career!

Your new career as a Personal Trainer is just one step away!

If you have any questions, please ask below!