The Six Best Golf Schools in Florida

Florida is a hub for some of the best golf courses in the country. With exquisite locations, world class trainers, and state-of-the-art facilities, Florida’s golf schools have long been favored by golfers from all across the state.

Here are six of the best Florida golf schools, all of which exceed their reputation with immaculate training programs and cutting-edge systems of learning and practicing.

1. Bird Golf School

Bird Golf, Florida is inarguably the best collection of golf destinations that Florida has ever witnessed, with equally awe-inspiring features and faculty. At present, there are five different locations that the best Florida golf school boasts of. Turnberry Isle in Miami, Mission Inn Golf & Tennis Resort in Orlando, The Club at Boca Pointe, Boca Raton, Old Corkscrew Golf Club in Southwest Florida, and The Shores Resort and Spa in Daytona, North Florida are the five locations currently. Each of these schools offer all-inclusive comprehensive training packages from beginner level right up to the standard of pro – all trained by some of the best mentors available. The adjacent accommodations are all 5-star, with spectacular facilities and a brilliant ambience.

2. The Leadbetter Academy

One of the brightest stars in the golf coaching scene, British golfer David Leadbetter has set up golf schools all over the world, and the ones in Florida match the international standard that he has set around the globe. Other than being one of the best Florida golf schools, the school at Championsgate is also the world headquarters of Leadbetter Academies. The school features a wholesome training schedule including thorough physical and mental fitness for both juniors and adults.

3. Mike Bender Golf Academy

Other than Bird Golf, Florida, another top golf school in the Orlando region is the Mike Bender Golf Academy. There are experts striving throughout the day to train the students completely in various aspects of the game, including full swing, club fitting, short game, and overall fitness and metal strategizing involved with the game. Moreover, the training facility comes with some real cutting edge technology from Trackman and SAM PuttLab to help the golfers in improving their game. For anyone looking for a complete golf learning experience in Orlando, this should inevitably be one of the top choices.

4. Gilchrist Golf Academy

Yet another stellar location in Orlando for learning the game of the modern elites, Gilchrist Golf Academy is one of the highest quality golf institutions of Florida. Gary Gilchrist himself is among the top golf coaches of USA. Needless to say, his training facilities include the same expertise of trainers, top-notch features and a comprehensive course for overall golfer grooming. Located in the Mission Inn Resort & Club, the team of coaches in Gilchrist Golf Academy is capable of a wide range of training programs. From preparing and training young golfers from scratch to giving the crucial tips the pros need to take their game a notch higher or to encourage and push the occasional weekend warrior to be better at their hobby – Gilchrist Golf Academy really excels at everything.

5. PGA Tour Golf Academy

By far the best facility of golf learning in Jacksonville or perhaps the whole of Northern Florida, PGA Tour Golf Academy has veteran trainers like Anne Cain to help students understand the finer nuances and skill sets of the game. There are classes for generic lessons as well as club-fitting and private lessons. The courses here have been designed by legends of the game like Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus. It is nothing short of a privilege to be able to test your golf skills on the turfs of PGA Golf Academy.

6. Pelz Golf Schools

If you are looking specifically for a place to improve your short game, Pelz Golf School is there to help. Located in Boca Raton and Palm Beach Gardens, Pelz Golf Schools offers 1-3 days courses in quick recovery of the short game and fixing minor errors. There is hardly any other place which focuses so intensely on wedge play and putting it in the hole, but Pelz Golf School specializes in exactly that.

From amateur learners to veteran golfers, anyone seeking to get a taste of swinging in the best locations of Florida can choose from these aforementioned names.

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