The Best 5 Android Apps That Make Learning English Easier

Learning English doesn’t have to be that difficult with challenging vocabulary and grammar activities like it is in a classroom. Many people abandon their aspirations to learn the language because of the obsolete methods predominantly used in schools. With the advancement of technology, today we can learn it the easy way. In fact, you can learn anywhere else if you have a smartphone. The 5 Android apps that make learning English easier are unfolded below.

There are hundreds of apps in mobile app stores. You can also find the apps that were developed by a global institution of Helen Doron to learn English. As you make a choice of the apps, note that some require subscriptions to uncover many learning topics. Others are actually free of charge, whereas others offer a trial prior to subscriptions. You can choose any app based on the topics of your interests.


Android apps for learning English

LearnEnglish grammar

This is the UK version of the English grammar app. You can download it from your Android smartphone free charge. It was designed with users in mind, to make their learning an easy trajectory. It is for those aspiring to master the UK English. We assume you know the difference between the US and the UK English.

This Android app is a great tool for your grammar needs. Basically, it covers 12 grammar topics. Each topic has 20 activities to equip you with the best skills. Both the beginners and the intermediate English learners can benefit.

Helen Doron Stream

This is one of the best apps to master English using a unique methodology. An Android-powered smartphone can be used to stream digital learning materials for kids. The app can be downloaded free of charge from Google Play. Helen Doron institution has positioned itself as the pioneer of creative and entertaining English lessons the world-over. With this app, you will unfold the power of the institution.

Babbel – Learn languages

Babble lets you learn English by repeating phrases in a fun way than it is done in class. It is also a great app we would like to recommend to novice and aspiring learners. With this app, you have 4 approaches to learning, viz. picture recognition, sound recognition, spelling and filling in the missing spaces. The user interface allows you to track your progress of learning. It is an intuitive and an engaging app that makes English easy to grasp.


This almost sounds the same as “memorize”. It helps you memorize and remember the English words well. The app has a fun way of helping learner to learn English. Fun activities have proven to be effective and efficient in teaching the language. Users participate in creating the courses. It is much easier to learn from your peers that masters the language.

With this app, you will go through 13 pages. The complexity ascends from the easy to challenging topics. You will have a large set of vocabulary that you can remember well. It is rare that learner can forget fun. So this app could be the best tool for you, as a beginner or an intermediate speaker.


This app accommodates many languages. It can teach you English using various languages such as French, Italian, Russian, Dutch and Spanish. It is updated constantly, so new languages are being added. You must attempt to spend at least 20 minutes a day on this app, then your results may be impressive. The language is made easy and fun to remember everything you learned.

In each lesson, there are seven new words to learn. These words emerge from various disciplines such as economics, science and education. After each lesson, there are exercises. These will help you to master the language as quick as possible. The lessons include translating some phrases to your mother tongue or matching some words to the pictures provided. If you are committed enough, you can complete the lessons in less than 3 months and start to engage in English with the native speakers.

Are you ready to take your English skills to the next level? Then consider any of these apps. You do not have to spend anything except your data plan in streaming the video lessons.

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