The Academic Pressures of High School Students and How Parents Can Help

fwqfqwfqwrImagine you are rushing to work on an average day with your boss already lining up a scheduled task with the deliverables to be accomplished by end of day. To add to these tasks your boss has also informed you that there are a couple of conference calls been lined up which is then followed by a client meet. You can already feel the palpitation of your heart beat increase as the level of stress to accomplish all these task looks bleaker than expected.

Utilizing the analogy given above, place your own kids in the similar situation wherein they need to run to high school, complete assignments, get involved into extra curricular activities, simultaneously working for the test examination held on a regular basis held in schools and also rushing to private tutorials. Picture the level of stress and anxiety a normal kid would have to go through with no time to procrastinate.

This is a phase where the student tends to get demoralized. They tend to deviate from the goals as the studies and the overall competition to succeed academically gets tough. In such cases, parents can play important role in curbing the stress of the children. With some words of assurance, monitoring, and motivation, parents can help their children go a long way.

Having said that parents should assist their kids in high school in relieving stress, the question arises how could parents help their kids? There are several ways in which parents can assure their kids that high school could be a great place to develop themselves as a better person.

Following are the ways parents can help their kids deal better in high school.

  • Prioritizing tasks
  • Helping stay organized
  • Maintaining a healthy Life
  • Appropriate judgment through correct conversations
  • Giving unconditional support

Prioritizing tasks

With an urge to excel in all fields in today’s date, children take up a lot of activities. This results with the children being burned out at an early stage. Various activities can range from sports, cultural activities, or for that matter music classes. These classes can create additional stress with the already vigorous schedules of high school.

In such cases, parents must pro-actively step in and prioritize as to which activity can stay put and which activity could be afforded a skip. Parents must ensure that activities which could help secure college scholarships and an entry is a good college, must be continued. That being said, parents should not neglect what their child’s true passion lies in and should nurture it in a suitable way.

Activities are meant to be stress busters and not stress adders. Hence parents can counsel their children into letting them know that continue one particular activity and possible choose their other passion when they are free or in vacations. This prioritizing of tasks will help the student set realistic targets that are achievable.

Helping stay organized

Inculcating the habit to stay organized will instill high discipline standards with your children. Parents must assist their children to create a day to day schedule.

Schedulers can be drawn by allocating fixed times for various activities. For e.g. the morning slot is dedicated to school, after returning from school, the afternoon session might be given up for 2 hours of soccer practice. Further, into the evening, a certain slot for studies, games, and relaxation may be prepared.

Parents can also help their children in preparing assignments or can look for some sources on internet for assignment help. Assignment helps a great deal in improving relationships with the parent and child as both the parties are actively and collaboratively involved in completion of the assignments.
Thus setting basic rules in the house will coach the children of how tasks should be accomplished by way of action rather than stressing out on it.

Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

Impart knowledge on how important exercise is to the children. Parents must teach the kids the benefits of exercising. Time and again research has shown that regular exercises have helped stimulate and change brain chemistry hereby reducing stress.

Parents must be a role model while counseling their kids about the benefits of exercising and eating right. They too should put into practice what they preach. This will leave a profound effect on the kids on how they perceive and think about you as a parent.
As parents, you must dedicate a recreational time for the family. It could any time of the day preferably on a weekend. This will get the whole family together and you and your kids could probably share the whole week events, sit and talk over it or perhaps just watch a movie as one family. This will make the stress vanish and your child could take up a new task with a renewed vigor.

Appropriate judgment through correct conversations

Communication is the crux for establishing a secure relationship between you and your children. Trying to engage or question teenagers, when they are already stressed out, will prove futile. While stressed, the brain tends to block out all the reasoning skills which further aggravates the situation.

Tactfully handle situations by not being too judgmental by questioning too much. Teenage kids tend to get rebellious at this phase. To counter attack this, parents must act diplomatically by listening to the problem at hand and effectively try to offer help through counseling or helping accomplish the challenge at hand.

Giving unconditional support

Encouraging your kids even while they failed at the tasks at hand reassures them that it is okay to fail. Right words of motivation helps kids strive better to improve and succeed. Parents should reprimand their kids sparingly. Constant reprimanding will create self-doubt within the teenager which will result in low self-esteem.

Parents must constantly convey words of wisdom to their kids as they look for assurance from you. This will built up the overall moral of the child and will keep the child stress free.

Finally, the key to dealing with stress is to stay calm and focused. The kids who are counseled the right way and are accepted and respected by their parents will eventually fair better in life with great prospects ahead. This will lead to them being better a human beings in times of adversity and will show the resilience to fight back any stress that may come in their way. Share the suggestions that you have for parents that you have followed in your life and found it fruitful.

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