Technology Gripping Education Systems

Education is one of the basic right that every human should possess. By the virtue of it, it should not be demeaning to any individual, willing to reach any height to attain the best of knowledge based learning experiences and widening the understanding. To explore more about how education works on society and betterment on a whole I volunteered in a small school, which is at the outskirts of Bikaner, a town, in Rajasthan, India. It is the most important and powerful tool that humanity has even developed and with the right use it can trigger any proposal or propaganda and deviate the course of mankind in the right direction or as a matter fact in the wrong direction as well. I was also taken aback to learn how technology is barging in to make the entire process of education into a smooth function for the best of the results.

Back in those days there was no learning but just mugging things up from the textbook and whom so ever was able to retain the knowledge for a longer time was believed to be the smartest of the lot. But, things have changed and for the good. There is a smart class integration which empowers experiential learning and make a note that students learn the practical aspect of the information they possess for the book. It was a good experience to see children getting so involved in understanding the concepts and solving math problems.

Virtual Education

While I was there I came across a technique of educating today's youth. What was more astonishing about the techniques is that it involved a lot of interaction with a lot of technical gadgets which the younger generation is really accustomed to. The technique was called virtual learning. There is a system that generates a learning module which is not restricted to any age or societal inferences or group of students. Any student who got enrolled for virtual education got a gadget to access to the module. It is based on practical learning and understands how a child will be able to learn the idea that the module is trying to penetrate into the child brain. What was the best part about the entire system is that it is not depended on any particular teacher, there is an entire panel of teachers that works on the back-hand to make the child learn. This means that the child undergoing such type of education does not have to look for one particular person at any need of the hour. The child will also have different people trying to make any concept clear in more than one way. I personally did not appreciate the technique because it does not imply that the child has to attend school, so as a matter of fact it odds out the effect of peer learning. One more important thing is that in today's world relations and connections are equally important as education is and it is well appreciated fact that everyone makes a great bond with school peers which in turn stands for a lifetime.

School Management Software

Another ground breaking technological integration with education was school management software. The school was under the process of getting the software installed, if I am not wrong it was from a company called ‘Educationstack' and they claimed to be the pioneers in the field. I happened to be the around while the training was being provided on what all features the school management software offers and how we can use them. I was awestruck when I learned about it, there was student management, fees management, library and stock management. This meant that the school could analyze the learning curve of every student and keep a tab on what book is borrowed by whom. Managing finance on a single click was a dream come true for the finance department of the school.

Apart for these, there were other features like transportation management, online presence, which is very important nowadays and helped in generating specific reports. An added feature of employee management took the burden off from the principal as well. The SMS alert ensured safety of every student and provided satisfaction and peace of mind to parents. The best part was it could be operated from any smart device, with just internet.

I believe this technology could turn into a boon for all the professionals in the education industry and they can now dedicate themselves for the real motive of educating students and not get occupied in managing things which eats up their time and deviate them from their real goal. This volunteering has helped me a lot in understanding the entire ecosystem of education in school. I hope to continue doing the same as a break from my work life.

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