Secure That University Placement!

CambridgeSo with the increasing number of people applying for university, I thought that I would help some of you out! It can be quite a pain staking process and this is compounded further if you don't even know the first steps! Well, I have compiled five tips to help

Application Process is a Marketing Plan

When you are thinking about the application process, try to think along similar lines as a marketing person. Effectively, what this is, is your own personal marketing campaign! You will need to dig away at it, measure your success and view every opportunity as your chance to shine! Your application process should be full proof, ever word, phrase and phone call should count towards the ultimate goal of securing that important placement!

With this in mind, it is important that you come across properly, both verbally and within your written communication, so drop the slang and speak proper English, or whatever your appropriate language may be.

References Matter

As part of the process you will be required to gain references, now this is not necessarily you opportunity to seek out someone who will give you a glowing reference. This tactic has been overused; a flimsy promotional reference is easy to spot. Try to seek a reference from an individual who actually relates to the field that you are aiming to study, think about the credibility of the reference also - hey why not ask your local counsellor, of course if you know them personally. Just be smart about your reference, your best friend may give you a glowing one, but where is the credibility? Ask them to write on a personal note, and not make the reference just the standard old "James is trustworthy, committed and …" give the letter a read over and, if you have to, personalise it! Of course your reference will need to sign it off first!

Target Audience

This is important; you need to write for your audience, look at their entry requirements, what are the skills and common traits within your chosen subject/area. For example, if you were applying for a marking course, you might want to highlight entrepreneurial and creative skills. For something like project management, you may want to go down the angle of leadership, and management skills. Be as specific as you can be and prove everything with evidence! Above all you need to demonstrate that you are committed and genuinely interested in the chosen subject area - so get that across!

Image and Values

Understand the values of university, look at the website and see what their overall vision is, where do you fit? How do you fit? If they want to be the most respected university in the area, what would you be able to bring? Commitment, grades, a prosperous future! Look for trigger or buzz words and get a feeling for the language that they use. Try to align yourself with the same principles and values! Talk about being a brand ambassador, prove your knowledge of the campus, the history and the university in general!

Get in Early

So your future dreams are going to university, getting a great job and being happy! Great, me too, but this process is a long one. The university application process starts way before the that all important form is submitted, you will need to keep up-to date with the university goings-on and research, research, research! Try get a part time job within the field prior to applying to university, volunteer if you have to! Remember that with increased competition for work out there, it is not only the universities that can select the cream of the crop, the universities can too! Get in early, know your stuff and secure your place!

University Clearing

If you have followed these tips, then this shouldn't be an issue, but if you have found that all of your selected universities have rejected your application, then try university clearing! The process of securing last minute placements; this normally happens during the July/August. Beware; you will need to be fast, and flexible!

Take care all, and good luck for the future, James King

If you have any questions, please ask below!