Why DNA Testing can Change Your Lifestyle

dna-testMedical science has proven that genetics matter when it comes to health. Companies that do DNA testing offer a way to map genes and determine how healthy a person's future looks. The results provide a guide so you can choose ways to stay well - from relieving stress to picking a diet plan. DNA testing puts you in control of your life based on your individual genetic code.

Why DNA Matters?

DNA is the code of life. It determines if you have brown eyes or blue, if you will be active in sports or prefer to sit on the couch all day. Your genetic makeup puts you at risk for certain illnesses such as Alzheimer's or Celiac disease.

DNA testing offers a way to know what your future holds when it comes to health but not all testing is the same. No one commercially available DNA test gives you information on disease and tells you the best diet at the same. The testing procedures are specialized to look for key elements. Court approved DNA testing for paternity, for example, is going answer the question at hand and that is it.

DNA testing is a growth industry, however. That means that companies are coming up with better procedures all the time. There may come a day when one comprehensive test exists that will answer all the questions at once.

What Tests Tell You Now

One common reason to purchase a DNA test kit is to learn about your predisposition to disease. This is valuable information to have for managing your lifestyle. The test may show you are at risk for diabetes or heart disease, for example. You can pattern your life choices based on that knowledge. A person prone to diabetes might choose to see a dietician to formulate a proper diet. The person carrying the breast cancer gene can decide to have elective surgery to remove the risk.

Testing for diet is another format available. This report gives you guidance on selecting foods that help you maintain a healthy weight. The medical community has one standard for a balanced program that is supposed to be a healthy approach for everyone, but the truth is people process foods differently. Some break down polyunsaturated fats easily while others store these molecules and gain weight instead.

Why Get a DNA Test?

No two people are exactly alike and that is why DNA testing is a practical approach to life management. It is important to know what illnesses you are at risk for and compensate. Everyone believes there is a chance of developing cancer or high blood pressure, but the truth is some people are almost guaranteed to get sick. DNA testing will help you live in a way to reduce that risk.

Once you get your results, you can sit with a medical professional and decipher what they mean to your life. DNA testing gives you the tools necessary to take the healthiest path for when it comes to your lifestyle.

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