The Wonderful Lights on the Roof

Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it. Today, many are so lost in their own individual universes that they have forgotten we are in an incredibly vast universe with so much beauty to appreciate. The situation is worst for those living in the cities or any region with so many night-lights overwhelming the nights. Most people today are just lost in one form of screen device or another. If it weren’t for fatigue and the vicissitudes of life, most people wouldn’t be able to differentiate day from night. Not everyone may be able to appreciate the beauty of the lights above but those who can can’t resist the aesthetics of the sea of stars.

The sky is full of wonder as with each passing day it fascinates us more and more. Did you know that there are billions of stars in the sky and the same is true about the number of galaxies out there? And if that isn’t mind-blowing, did you know that the universe keeps expanding? Is it that the universe keeps expanding or it is we who thought we knew about its limits only to later find out that we were so wrong? Do you believe in aliens; that there are others out there, like us? I mean, it is challenging not to think that there are others out there considering the size of the universe we live in. Then others introduce the concept of a multiverse, and that just makes our world seem like nothing, literately and absolutely.

Imagining, reading, and hearing about the magnitude of our universe is one thing but seeing is another. It is one thing hearing that there is a beautiful planet with rings around it in our solar system, and it is another thing seeing the planet for yourself. Exploring the skies for yourself is much more fulfilling and breathtaking. Doing so with family and friends is even better. Knowing something beautiful is good and exciting but being able to share it with others makes it more meaningful. Being in possession of a top-rated family telescope enables you to explore the stars with your family and friends. You can zoom in on the moon and see whether there are green creatures up there or you can watch the latest meteor shower as you wonder where the floating rocks came from, how long they have been floating in space, and where they are going to end their journey.

It is believed that 85% of the matter in the universe is composed of a hypothetical substance called dark matter. When stars die, they sometimes implode, forming black holes, which are like titanic vacuum cleaners that suck up anything within their vicinity. It is believed that that is the fate of our solar system billions of years from now when our sun runs out of juice, as every star is bound to run out of fuel at some point in time. You see, yes the internet is filled with so much fun stuff to discover and explore, but in as much as it is kind of endless as far as the amount of information it can contain, it does not compare to the magnitude and mysteries of our universe.

We haven’t yet explored every inch of our own planet. We are still debating whether there ever was life on Mars. We are discussing projects of setting camp on other planets; space stations where we can go on vacations; “Total Recall” coming true but without the villains. A telescope is a wonderful instrument to own as it gives you the chance to explore the sky on your own and see it for yourself. Portable telescopes may not be as powerful as the Gran Telescopio Canarias, but they still give you an amazing view of the ocean of stars in the sky.

Beauty may lie in the eyes of the beholder but I am yet to come across someone who is not blown away by the majesty and glory of the stars above. From a distance, they are dazzling and hypnotic and on close up, they elude you the more. Life is beautiful and the stars in the sky are just a speck of the beauty we stand to experience in this universe.

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