How Technology Can Manipulate the Brain

wfrferqThe concept of brain manipulation has been in many films and literature. The idea that the mind could somehow be manipulated through technology was nothing more than a fantasy, but this is no longer the case. Modern times have caught up with science fiction, and technology-based brain manipulation is making progress.

Bad Memories can be Erased

Yes, bad memories could be a thing of the past. Keep in mind that bad memories can be the culprit in certain mental illnesses, like PTSD, which can lead to clinical depression or even drug addiction. This means this piece of technology may solve a number of problems for some people.

A study showed that a protein called CaMKII is associated with bad memories. The protein helps transport bad memories to ensure that you remember them. The researchers found a way to turn this protein on or off in mice. The research showed that this effectively expunged bad memories without affecting other memories.

Traumatic memories are targeted, meaning that scientists cannot zoom in on specific memories just yet. Those movies or literature where specific memories are targeted remain science fiction, but that does not mean things will stay that way.

Microchips can Manipulate Mood

Mood and people’s emotions are a big part of a person. Technology has introduced a microchip that can target certain electrical impulses that your brain constantly sends and receives. These impulses help control mood or emotions.

The microchip is able to block impulses related to depression. This is great news. For example, it could be a powerful tool for those in an outpatient drug rehab as it might help with rehabilitation.

Now, there is another side to this technology that should be mentioned. The microchips could be used to change a person’s personality if memories are erased. The microchips can control what makes a person feel good or bad, which helps shape a person’s personality. This means that the microchip could fabricate a personality without real experiences.

Implants Might Control Body Movement

The technology has not been tested on people just yet, but it has been successfully used on rats. What scientists were able to do is place an implant in the brain of the rat and successfully control their movements. In essence, the researchers were able to turn the rat into something like a robot.

The researchers were limited as they could make the rat move left or right but only when the rat was on the move. The implants did not give the researchers the power to make the rat move while it was still, but this is definitely a huge step forward.

Still, the concept is a little scary because it is in its infancy. These implants could make a person do whatever the controller wants at some point. This could put society in danger. There are definitely a lot of eyes on this piece of technology because the implications could be dangerous.

Light Technology can Manipulate the Brain

No one can deny that color and colored lights could have an effect on a person in different ways. This is most apparent in the advertising industry. Many companies have noticed that the color red seems to encourage hunger. Other industries like the medical industry have noticed that blue and white help people feel like a facility is sanitary and safe.

Apparently, researchers have found a way to make colored lights more effective. Researchers were able to activate brain cells in mice with Alzheimer’s and successfully return memories to the little creatures using blue light stimulation. The blue light technology was able to target and activate happy memories, too. This seemed to cure a rat from depression. Human trials have not yet occurred, but this is definitely promising for people suffering from mental ailments or drug addictions.


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