What Is an Editing Checklist for an Essay?

Essay writing is an important task that impacts a lot of aspects of a student’s life. Among them may be admission to a university or receiving a scholarship or the highest score in specialized disciplines. Regardless of the goal, you need to achieve the perfect text — easy to understand and, at the same time, original.

When getting started, remember: you need to not only successfully convey your idea but also avoid mistakes. For high-quality essay editing, it is better to turn to professionals. Editors with many years of experience will check the text for different types of errors, help emphasize the individuality of the text, or even organize a full-fledged brainstorming session.

If you want to check the essay yourself, you need to know exactly what nuances to pay attention to. We will talk about them in this article!

Comply with University Requirements

In educational institutions, the requirements for an essay may differ. Be sure to get detailed information from the teachers before you start writing. It includes:

  • Number of pages, words, or characters
  • Formatting rules, title page design
  • Sources of information used — quotes, facts, research results, etc.

State Your Thoughts in Sequence

Despite the small size, the essay should smoothly reveal the idea and keep the connection between different blocks.

Remember that the text should be divided into three main parts: an introduction with an abstract, the main block with arguments, and conclusions. Be sure to create smooth transitions between them and individual paragraphs.

Make Sure There Are no Errors

A mandatory condition for a quality essay is the absence of errors. They are usually divided into the following types:

  • spelling
  • grammatical
  • punctuation
  • lexical
  • speech
  • non-compliance with ethical standards
  • factual accuracy

How to bring the text to an impeccable state yourself? There are several effective ways:

  • When writing the text, use profile directories. Do not be too lazy to once again check the spelling of a compound word or the correctness of punctuation marks. This will save you time when checking further.
  • Read the finished text several times on your own. View it both on the computer screen and after printing on paper. It is also helpful to read the essay aloud. This will make the words sound new, and you will be able to detect flaws in the sequence of presentation if any.
  • Use special services to check texts online. They allow you to evaluate the text in a matter of minutes. But you can’t rely on them completely: such applications often make mistakes.

Reach out to Those Around You

How to get an objective assessment before submitting an essay to a teacher? Ask someone around you to read the text and share their impressions with you.

You can turn to classmates, parents, or friends. This will take them a few minutes, but you will get an important opinion from the outside and make the essay more interesting for the selection committee.

We hope this simple checklist will help you check the text and get the highest score. Use it, and you will succeed!

If you have any questions, please ask below!