The Role of Grammar in Improving Student’s Writing

fwfrqfqToday, many people approach the question of the role and importance of grammar directly in the process of improving writing skills with more seriousness. It should be noted that learning grammar of your native language is much different from learning a foreign language, and that’s why many educational institutions today try to focus more attention on teaching the foreign languages. But not always the classic style of teaching is effective enough. Thus, more and more students have to turn to custom essay writing services for assistance in writing and editing academic papers due to insufficient knowledge of grammar.

The role of grammar is critical for establishing strong writing skills. And in this post, we are going to talk about the importance of grammar, ways of improving it, and its effect on person’s writing skills.

How to learn to write correctly?

The idea of the high school course is to provide us with all the necessary knowledge in order to write and speak the foreign (or native) language correctly; unfortunately, the practice shows that many fail to master it. But if you don’t underestimate the role of grammar, you will have more chances to succeed.

So where to start? There is a widespread view that you can learn to write competently if you read a lot of good classic literature. This belief is based on the common thought that while reading people internalize the visual appearance of the words and then at the same time, restore it with the help of visual memory. Is it effective? In my opinion, the importance of reading for literacy development is somewhat overrated. Of course, it is always useful to read classic and high-quality literature because it will enrich your vocabulary and help to form a good writing style. However, with respect to literacy, several problems arise. First, not all have developed visual memory, especially when it comes to small parts. Secondly, while reading, people are normally so engaged with the contents of text and they don’t pay special attention to the spelling of words or sentences construction. And finally, many errors occur not because of the fact that people do not know how to spell a particular word. In this case, the reading is completely useless: you have to know the rules. Thus, in order to improve writing skills, you will need to improve your literacy, and you can do it by following these simple recommendations:

  • Re-read your text after writing.

Most errors occur due to carelessness. If the student is completely engaged in the process of formulating his thoughts, then he can not follow the spelling of the words or place commas correctly. A simple check will help to identify and correct errors. It can also be useful to re-read your text back to front, as this technique will help you to focus more on the look and meaning of each part of your text, instead of the whole picture in general.

Naturally, such check is not perfect: text editors often do not know many words and can’t understand the syntax correctly, but they at least help to correct some gross errors and point to the fragments that require attention.

  • Use dictionaries and grammar reference books

An educated person is not the one who knows everything, but someone who knows where to find the necessary information.

  • Continue developing your skills.

In conclusion, I would like to highlight that knowledge of rules and theory is important, but it means nothing without practice, so you have to remember to improve and refresh your skills every once in a while. After all, today you can easily learn through the internet. Which makes it much easier!

Thus, the grammar concepts are very important for improving writing strategies; of course, it is not possible to learn and remember every syntax rule. But nevertheless, you should always remember about the importance of grammar and stick to its rules, even if you are just working on another boring college paper.

If you have any questions, please ask below!