The Key Elements of a Good Essay for College Admission

ssaaDFToday we’re going to talk about the four key elements of a good college admissions essay.

So, according to the team at the four key elements of a good college admissions essay are as following.

  • 1. tie-ins
  • 2. thesis
  • 3. the I statements
  • 4. signposting

So these four key elements will help guide you towards an essay that is memorable, but simple enough for college admissions readers to understand it in the fifteen minutes that they spend reading your essay.

Let’s go through each of these.

Tie-ins are references at different parts of the essay to things that you mentioned earlier. They love the essay to see it more sophisticated and to bring together a cohesive element and picture. Let me give you an example one of our students mentioned star wars in her thesis and later used phrases such as galactic and interstellar to perpetuate this idea of going to space. This gave her essay a sense of completeness and a theme.

The second key element is a strong thesis. At the end of the first paragraph, you want to use a comma structure to introduce three ideas and each of those ideas forms one of your paragraphs. This gives the reader a sense of a road map.

The third key element are the “I statements” and and “I statement” may look like “I feel X because of Y or Z”. Using these throughout the essay allows you to communicate more effectively and genuinely with your readers because it forces you to reflect on how that situation or that idea actually affected you personally and psychologically.

The last element which combines a few of the elements above is signposting. Signposting is writing a thesis and each of your topic sentences in a way that can be isolated from the rest of the essay and still understood. Signposting allows the reader to understand what you’re saying just by reading the first lines each paragraph, basically the idea of each paragraph to be isolated individually.

With thousands of applications, admissions readers need to digest information quickly and this method helps the.

So that was the four key elements of a good college admissions essay.

Good luck!

If you have any questions, please ask below!