Technology plays the role of a silver bullet for the language industry

Rajat Nayar - Best Indian AstrologerFhour-walled classrooms have now become a thing of past and learning and teaching has extended far beyond that. One after another innovation in the field of technology has radically changed the language learning industry from the sight of a group of students sitting inside a classroom learning a list of nouns from their textbooks. Though the language industry has a long-enough history of using tech gadgets since 1960 but the recent developments like the user-friendly video cameras and social networking has eliminated all kinds of limitations between teachers and children.

We live in the 21st century and now technology has literally revolutionized the ways in which we communicate with each other. There are indeed very few educators and teachers who will disagree on the fact that technology has brought about a drastic change in the way we learn. You search the web and you get hundreds of online language learning websites like Lingoga which offer stellar opportunities for future learners to learn a new language and master over it. Check out how technology has revolutionized the education industry.

  • Evolution of the process of communication: As we text each other with a different dialect, kids often fail to understand its meaning. But despite of not being able to comprehend, they tend to copy the way of communication in various modalities due to the technology. For most adults, it may be 2M2H (too much to handle).
  • Exposure to more audience: When we were in high school during the 1990, our only audience was our teacher. Soon after, the audience constituted of teacher and peers but now that we’re residing in the 21st century, the whole world has turned out to be our audience. Twitter, Facebook and constant blogging has brought a change to the idea of what we meant by ‘audience’.
  • Bidding goodbye to 3 Ring Binders: Previously people used to carry those bulky 3-ring binders in order to carry important documents. But nowadays you can carry humongous information in tablets, computers, laptops and even in smartphones. Hence we have happily bid goodbye to those folders as we have plethora of storage options online.
  • Textbooks are now interactive: The way in which we see textbooks now is also going through a drastic change. Gone are those days when textbooks only included pictures and text. Nowadays textbooks are based on the web and they include animations, assessments, videos, additional study materials and all sorts of things to make learning fun.
  • Online books are gaining momentum: When it comes to textbooks, online books or eBooks are gaining enough momentum in schools due to the constant innovation of tablets, computers and e-readers. In the near future, students won’t even have to carry their huge bags which are filled with heavy textbooks. So, education looks like lot easier with the advancement of technology.
  • iPad will be a game changer: One of the most powerful and adaptable tools that have been invented are iPads. There are wide array of applications which can make learning and teaching extremely interesting and receptive. Even people with different sorts of disabilities will be able to learn with the kind of right apps in your iPads and iPhones.

Therefore, more and more teachers are using tech in their classrooms and are supporting tech’s effort to enhance language learning and education. Technology has gone too far in the education industry, so much so that teachers need to be trained about how to use the best piece of gadget for providing the best information to their students.

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