Sink or Swim: 3 Pros and Cons of Essays for Money

writingAre you the type of a college student who tends to perform well in their classes, but still struggles to write effective essays? If so, you can find plenty of essays for money online. Do a quick Google search and you’ll quickly find an agency or writer willing to offer an affordable custom sample you can refer to if you’re having trouble crafting your own piece.

Of course, there are always pros and cons of relying on a service like this for help. They include the following:


  • Extra Assistance: Writing skills are important, not only in college but in your future career. Sure, you won’t have to write another term paper ever again once you graduate from the university, but you will have to draft documents for your boss, type up strong cover letters when applying for jobs, and network with potential employers via emails. While there will always be someone you can pay to do those for you, it’s much smarter to get extra help now from a reliable source in order to build your writing skills. Doing so will help you tremendously in the future;
  • Managing Stress: Choosing to buy an essay from an online service is an effective way of coping with academic stress. Rather than fretting over your inability to get started working on your paper, you can get a plagiarism-free sample to refer to, making it much easier to craft the best possible work on your own;
  • Getting Ideas: Sometimes, the main difficulty students face when attempting to write essays is simply coming up with topic ideas. That’s why it helps to find an online service that supplies original papers. Having read an example beforehand, you’ll get inspired to come up with your own topic ideas.


  • Wasting Money: There are many talented people on the Internet you can pay to write a sample essay for you. Unfortunately, there are also people who may claim to be talented, only to deliver a finished product that doesn’t live up to your expectations. When that happens, you will have to merely pay good money for a useless product. If you choose to purchase or order an essay, don’t choose a company simply because it’s cheap. Do your research to ensure you pay for a strong paper;
  • Not Meeting Deadlines: Many students who seek essays for sale often do so as a last-ditch attempt to complete their assignments. The problem is, if you wait that long, the person you have hired to help you with your essay for money won’t be able to deliver their best work because they won’t have time to complete it;
  • Not Using the Service Right: When you type “write my essay for me” in a search engine, you shouldn’t be looking for someone who’ll supply you with a paper you can submit to your professor. This paper should just be used as a sample that will guide you while crafting your own paper.

Essentially, whether or not a writing service is useful depends entirely on how you take advantages of it. If you do your research, prepare ahead of time, and only use received essays, you have paid for, as a source of inspiration, you’ll benefit. If you hire someone at the last minute to provide you with an essay you will pass off as your own – you won’t. Take this opportunity to boost your writing skills and improve your grades., but don’t use it as a shortcut. While that may feel like the convenient option now, in the long run, it’s not a smart move.

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