Maintaining the Sanity when Writing Your Essay

Exams give people all sorts of anxiety; the same goes when writing essays. Almost every person hates essays on exams. But the truth of the matter is writing an essay is just like writing something else. Your essay’s main focus is that you want to put out your ideas so that you persuade your readers. You also want to make the essay captivating that the reader will want to read the next sentence as he reads through. Yes, essay exams are not that hard, but still, when it comes to writing it, it can be challenging.

Below are some ways to ensure that you maintain your sanity as you are writing your essay exams.

  1. Know what makes a successful essay

Before we even get into this. When tasked with an essay, what the professor is trying to establish is; you understood the course, you have digested the information, and you can also develop your insights. Grasping these three points makes a successful essay. When writing your essay, ensure that you do not just put your opinions on paper and include facts. It shows that you understood what you have studied. Another thing to note is that you need to know how to put together a cohesive argument with the facts you have learned in class.

Another thing that makes a successful essay is a good structure. Ensure that your essay has form, style, and tone. The ideas need to flow logically in your argument.

  1. Make a plan before writing

The moment you get your question paper and get an urge to start immediately, resist that urge. Relax and read each question carefully and note the essential highlights. It will help you figure out how you will answer the questions.

  1. Use Time-tested essay format

After you have made a plan and have bullet points, make the bullet points make sense. The best way to arrange is to have an introduction, body, and a conclusion paragraph. This format helps you arrange your ideas in a structured format. When writing the essay’s body, you can use these two methods to help you: the decreasing-importance pattern and the chronological pattern. If you have any doubt, you may ask different cheap essay writers for help.

  1. Get to your point quickly

When putting across an argument, you want to avoid your arguments running in circles and not getting to the main point. This method doesn’t go well and might not lead to a successful exam essay. You need to put across your argument and explain it to make the reader understand it. After this, you can connect your evidence to your argument.

  1. Edit your essay in a 2-stage process

After you have finished writing your answers to the essay questions, you need some time to go through and edit your work. The best way to do this is by first assessing the arguments you have put across. See if your argument flows and all the points tie together with each other. The second way is by doing an out-loud check. After doing it, read the essay slowly and mouth every word. Doing this helps you identify errors you have missed.


Once you have understood the principles of writing a good exam essay, you will have an easier time writing your exam essay. But the most important thing to remember is writing an essay that can help you since all the other principles fall into place once you understand that.

If you have any questions, please ask below!