How to Write a Quality Introduction to a Bachelor Essay

In the following article, we are going to discuss the point students must consider in order to come up with a quality introduction to a bachelor essay.

Writing a bachelor essay must be seen as an opportunity that you must not miss. Here you have a chance to surprise and leave a good impression. Your battle is not with the white sheet but with the mind of the correction teacher. Here are some tips on how to write an introduction effectively.

The method “Quotation at the beginning” works, although it is not much appreciated in the bachelor exam. You can send a scathing message about yourself from the beginning. If you find it difficult to be creative – then at leastbring a quote that 80% of students will not use.

Use appropriate language in introductions. The introduction is the point where great things are mentioned and essential observations about the work are made.

It is best to start, depending on the type of essay, with an essential statement about the chosen work and then come to support it with a quote. It is worth spending a few minutes to design an original and impactful introduction. Treat your introduction as an expensive “caprice” that only a “keyman” in words can afford. It will raise you a lot in the eyes of the teacher.

How to make an introduction to demonstrative essays? Although it is good not to be dry in introductions – sometimes, the typology of the essay imposes it on you. Even then you can be original. If we have to do a genre demonstration (epic, lyrical, dramatic) it MUST include in the introduction the keywords or the magic words: “Because the work belongs to the epic/lyrical/dramatic genre”– then it follows the specific features mentioned below:

  • Epic– the action can be structured according to the moments of the subject, the presence of the characters, the narrative as a predominant mode of exposition, and the presence of the narrator; the narrator’s feelings are transmitted indirectly.
  • Lyrical– the presence of the lyrical “self” (with its own specific traits and hypostases), the description as the predominant mode of exposure, the feelings which are showcased directly, the abundance (not just the presence) of the figures of style.
  • Dramatic– the action is divided into acts, scenes, captions, background directions, dramatic conflict; dialogue as a way of exposure. It is advisable to list them in the introduction and to say that the work meets the respective features and then to prove each point listed in the table of contents.

You start with the magic formulation above, then outline the features of the genre. After you have started, the content will be very simple and structured. You will simply discuss how each feature is integrated into the text.

In particular, the introductions to an essay about the vision of the world and life need a general feature about the writer’s work. But as you probably haven’t read more than one, make a reference to the literary movement the author belongs to.

You can talk about realism, about the inter-war context, about romance and thinking of the respective period. The writer’s relationship with reality is another point you can mention here. Also, mention how much faithful (mimetic) the work is to the reality.

As in the case of term paper writing, the introduction should not be too long, but not too short –a few lines or paragraphs is just enough. It’s good to be impactful and the impact in introductions is made through statements. Do a little research and find out that hint – that feature you need in each work as the core of the introduction.

If you have any questions, please ask below!