How to Maintain Your Science Lab

science-labMaintaining the cleanliness of a science lab is one way to ensure an efficient workflow. Plenty of research is done in the laboratory and several tools and equipment are used daily. After a long work day in the lab, it is essential to maintain cleanliness and order so that tools and the lab itself can be used for years to come. Here is everything you need to know in order to maintain your science lab and make sure that it is ready for experiments and research anytime.

Organize Your Items

One of the ways you easily maintain your lab is to organize all the items that you have. If you have several items in the lab, it will help you keep a list of all the items and how many of each you have. Store all the items that go together, so that it will be easier to find when you need them. It also helps to have shelves and cabinets in the lab for storage. Additionally, you can label cabinets, boxes, and storage spaces to locate items easily.

Have Cleaning Materials

Always have cleaning materials ready in your lab in case of spills and accidents. Some of the things that you should always have in the laboratory include soaps, detergents, gloves, and paper towels. There should also be special cleaning equipment in the lab, depending on what type of activities are done. These are essential especially when dealing with chemicals, acids, and bases.

Create A Maintenance Schedule

Though you clean the lab, your tools, and equipment daily, it is important that you take time and do a general cleaning of the place and the items that you keep in your lab. You should also have the necessary tools for cleaning or sterilizing all your lab items. Post the schedule on a board on the lab to remind all users to maintain cleanliness. If you maintain and clean your tools and equipment regularly, rest assured that they will last longer and you won't need to replace them immediately.

Complete Supplies

Some of the items in your lab diminish over time. Containers will break, swabs will run out, tools will be upgraded. It is important that you know the items that are essential for efficiently operating your lab. Keep a count of the items that need to be replenished for work efficiency.

Use Materials Properly

In order to maintain the lab and the materials that are often used, it is important to know how to use them properly. Proper usage will ensure that tools, materials, and equipment used in the lab will be well maintained and will last for a long time.

With these practices, you will be able to maintain the cleanliness in your lab. You will also avoid having to replace items that break due to improper usage. Keep a master list of all the items that you keep, so that you know what you have and where they are located. With a clean and well maintained lab, you will be able to make everyone's work more efficient.

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