How to Fill the OMR Sheet Quickly?

A majority of educational and corporate organizations have been conducting the OMR based papers. It helps to analyze the knowledge and performance of the aspirants at deputed time intervals. The OMR papers make use of special OMR response sheets. The bubbled sheet will have bubbles that will be proportionate to the tentative number of choices provided against each of the questions.

How to Fill the OMR Sheet Quickly
Considering an example; a question paper offering 4 subsequent choices for all the questions, then the OMR answer sheet will be having 4 bubbles against each of the questions. The candidate has to darken the best choice that would be validating the question.

The aspirant appearing for an OMR based paper should read the instructions carefully. Mark the correct choices using a pen or pencil as specified in the guidelines. If you are using a pencil, then make use of pencil offering thickness 6B or above and while using pen can use thick nib pens of thickness 1.4 mm and above.

The bubbles should be filled completely and accurately, do not overfill and spread mark on other bubbles and try to fill the bubble by making precise strokes avoiding a mistake. It should be kept in mind that the appropriate selection is only marked. The applicant can mark the outline and then fill the inner area using the random shading action. Keep in mind that the questionnaire is provided for a limited duration of time, so do not waste time in shading or marking of bubbles.

Start filling the bubble along with the respective calculation of a question, as soon as you solve the question mark the respective bubble on the OMR sheet. It will be time efficient to read the question number and mark the correct answer. Keep that in mind that you are attentive enough to mark the appropriate choice of answer corresponding to the bubble on the OMR sheet.

Because in case you might have calculated a correct answer, but your casual approach to filling the OMR, may result in darkening of bubble against a wrong question number or marking against the wrong option.

The candidates are suggested to practice, ample number of model test papers that will help them to have a routine practice of the OMR sheets and to build confidence for the final event. A candidate may take 4hours to complete a question paper designed for a duration of 3 hours in his first attempt, but the regular practice will not only help him to reduce and manage the time period but also minimizes the error quotient.

Taking into consideration if you mark a wrong option, do not panic and waste time in thinking what to do? You can make use of a quality whitener when marked the response using pen or else can use an eraser if marked an incorrect response using a pencil. If in case you are not having a whitener or a pen, then it is better to leave that response rather trying to erase the wrong response from the sheet.

Mark and notice the marking scheme shared in the question paper. Accordingly, you can prioritize your selection and strategy to attempt and guess of answers. The candidate can divide the total time into slots and assign tasks that should be completed within the deputed timelines.

Keep a regular check on the time to avoid the unwanted rush in the final minutes. Be sure that the bubble is completed shaded and do not waste time in marking a single bubble. The OMR sheet requires a calm approach as in the case of a hurry, you might make a mistake, to mark an answer against some other question that will result in negative marking and deduction of final scores because of your casual approach.


So the best strategy to fill an OMR sheet is to start filling the bubbles as soon as you solve a question that would help in reducing the error quotient and maintain the accuracy of the calculated solutions.


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