How to Approach Your Research Paper Introduction

Being the determining factor of the entire research paper, MBA students must strive to make a positive first impression by crafting a perfect introduction.

While getting introduced to someone new we tend to worry a lot. We strive hard to create a great first impression. Similarly while writing a research paper on business and management topics we should place our focus on building the first impression to the reader by attracting the notice of that person in good way.

Before you set up to write a good introduction for your research paper, start looking for and amending the mistakes at the very beginning of the paper.

  • Never choose one of those tacky topics from annoying TV shows. Try instead some popular and thought-provoking research topics, for example, Marketing techniques to make processed foods attractive to consumers, Managing diversity in a workforce, How to effective market a global product to culturally different consumers, Developing a strong social media presence as a marketing strategy etc.
  • To impress the reader, speak about exceptional subject-matter and select arguments of significance.


Mostly the introductions of research paper have two parts:

  • General introduction: It makes readers interested in your paper and gives details about its topic.
  • A thesis statement:It includes one or a number of sentences and states an issue which you are going to explain.

A research paper introduction serves as that point of your paper by which you are going to deliver the message about your research. So compel your reader read it till the end.

  • Ensure to make your introduction precise and terse.
  • While claiming your primary idea, come up with facts to support your assertions.
  • Find out the topic questions you are concerned about and jot down notable expressions and opinions regarding the topic.
  • Employ arguments in a way that they will hold up your ideas. Reader should be convinced that you know about your words.
  • Express your thoughts clearly in your research paper introduction and make sure this is the most important idea of the whole paper.
  • Compose your thesis statement challenging and open to question. Make your readers think about the importance of the topic and interested in reading the paper till the end.
  • Your opening sentence will create a notion about the entire paper thus make it concrete and motivating. Compel your reader to ponder and discuss over it.

For your introduction you can consider ‘starters' given the case your approach at the opening is not befitting to your topic.

  • You can use anecdotes, quotations, current debates, or updated news stories as persuasive ways to begin a research paper.
  • You can also make use of comparison between 2 people, events, or ideas and adjust them with your introduction topics.

It is also the best time to discuss about the limitations of research paper introduction. If your research possesses any weakness then your introduction is the place to highlight this from the beginning. However, there are few reasons for not making this always feasible. Readers become aware of the limitations as long as you inform the readers about them. Eventually, it becomes easy for them for judging the strength of your research. Therefore, you should try to discuss the limitations later and make your readers wait till you bring it over.

As we discussed at the beginning of the article, your introduction will hold the first impression for the entire research paper; so make it worthy. Once you finish your research paper introduction, you can concentrate on the rest of the paper.

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