Geospatial Intelligence and Architectural Design

As architects, you now have more resources and tools to help you design and build the perfect structures. There are still plenty of challenges to overcome, but instruments such as geospatial intelligence now grant you access to crucial information that wasn’t available a few years ago. As a result, the demand for GIST (Geographic Information Science and Technology) specialists is increasing by the day.

Top universities such as the University of Southern California are making their online GIST programs available to more students. Architects and architecture students are even taking the online course to help them acquire the necessary skills in this field. Graduates with a geographic information science and technology degree are already helping some of the best design firms in creating the best structures today.

Find out more about geospatial intelligence and how this field is helping architects around the world from the full infographic below.


This infographic was created by the University of Southern California.

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