Essay Formatting Tips

Being able to write a good and effective essay is an essential skill for any student. During the study at college or university, each student should write numerous essays on various topics. It is a good possibility for a professor to check the knowledge received during the course and the student’s ability to express the ideas. In that way, it is reasonable to put an increased effort on such tasks.

One of the main difficulties when writing a paper is the fact that professors usually require to follow certain essay format. The fact that many students do not know how to use them correctly, makes them looking for the best essay writing service that will help them to do it. However, it is also possible to write a good paper by yourself if you would follow several simple steps.

Main Formats

There are numerous different formats that the professor may require from you to use in the essay. However, there are also several of them, which are the most popular ones and it is usually enough to know their specifics to write the papers. These are:

They could be used not only in college but also in the high school and they are known as a standard of the formatting of the essays.

It is essential to understand that the essay is a possibility to demonstrate the acquired knowledge and also the ability to use it. However, the wrong use of the format may worsen the grade even though the content is perfect. It is also known that many students experience certain difficulties while choosing a format and by not following all of its rules. So if such difficulties are the case, then using an essay writing service may be helpful for providing samples.


Despite the chosen format, each essay has a certain structure and it is similar in most cases. It is essential to have a structure of the paper regardless of the type of the written work. At the same time, there is a bulk of the guidelines for each format that need to be followed by a student in order to receive a good grade.

Talking about the structure, it is possible to separate several main constituent parts of an essay:

  • Title page.
  • Abstract (mostly for APA papers).
  • Introduction with a thesis statement.
  • 1st
  • 2nd
  • 3rd paragraph (and more if needed).
  • Work cited page or bibliography.

While these are the main parts, there could be also certain additional ones like the appendix or table of contents. However, it should be specifically stated by the requirements of the professor or the formatting guidelines, which of these parts should be presented in the paper.

Main Requirements

Each format has its own requirements for the paper, which are described in the guidelines. At the same time, there are several essential ones that are similar regardless of the format type. It is essential to pay an increased attention to them in the first instance. First, choose the correct font, which is usually 12pt Times New Roman. Next, set the double spacing everywhere in the paper with each paragraph indented.

There are also one-inch margins from each side of the text and the page numbers on each page. The text should be left-hand side aligned. Do not forget about the title of your paper, which is centered and capitalized at the very beginning of an essay. Talking about the heading, it is necessary to mention that APA and Chicago format do not have it but you need to include the separate title page with all the necessary information there.

Additional Advice

In order to receive a good grade, you need to pay attention to numerous details while writing an essay. It is evident that some of them are worth fewer points than the others like, for example, the content is much more valuable than the formatting. However, it is also notable that you may lose points for choosing the wrong format or by using it incorrectly. In other words, you may do a great job by researching the topic and writing an essay but receiving an unsatisfactory grade as a result of bad format.

In that way, it is extremely important to understand the formats and the rules of their use. You should also note that after you will write several papers, it will be easier for you to format them correctly and without any troubles. In other words, you need to be more attentive at the beginning in order to be successful in the future.

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