7 Writing Tips To Make You A Better Writer

If you want to be the writer that everyone wants to hire then you need to be the best writer you can be!

This is a simple statement but one which is often overlooked by writers. Put simply you know you can be a better writer per hour but you don’t have the time to improve your techniques. You’re simply too busy earning an income!

Fortunately it is actually very easy to become a better writer. All you need to do is use these 7 writing tips. You’ll be surprised at the difference.

  1. Listen To Criticism

The first step and often one that many writers find hard is to deal with constructive criticism.

It’s not possible to create perfect content every time. Each of your clients has their own needs and preferences. Remembering the different styles and formatting each article correctly is difficult.

You will have feedback, provided it is done with the right intentions you can use this feedback to improve your writing.

Sometimes it may appear to be relevant just to the job in hand. But, it is worth considering how this could affect your overall writing style.

You might surprise yourself!

  1. Outline The Task

Before you start any writing you should know why you are writing something and what you hope to achieve from it.

Are you looking to inform the reader or guide them into purchasing your product?

Your style of writing will need to fit your intended audience. This is why it is important to spend a few moments ensuring your understand what the piece you are writing is for.

You can then outline the headings and brainstorm your article. This may take a little time but as a writer per hour time is actually on your side.

By having a clear direction you’ll find the final article flows better and is easier to write.

  1. Keep It Simple

Part of being a writer per hour means researching lots of different topics. You never know what you might be asked to write about next.

When time is limited it can be tempting simply to plough into your writing. However, you’ll never get your point across properly if you don’t understand the topic properly yourself.

Take the time to research what you are writing about. Once you are able to explain the concept to a 6 year old you’re ready to write about it.

Not only will this improve the quality of your writing it will also improve your knowledge. This can ultimately mean that you become a specialist in a specific field.

  1. Set A Time Limit

Most writers find that they are more productive if they set a time limit. This is because it forces you to focus your mind on the task in hand.

This is particularly relevant and easy to do if you are a writer per hour. Depending on the size of the article you are writing you can block off 1 or 2 hours and get stuck in.

The time pressure will add urgency to your writing which can make it more compelling and interesting to the reader.

It’s also less likely that you’ll indulge in procrastination.

  1. Make A Stand

A well written article uses lists to make a point or argue a case. (Just like this one). However, if you are dealing with a controversial subject you need to make sure that your readers know where you stand.

List your arguments and the evidence you have to support them. Then make it very clear what your thoughts are on the matter.

This will give value to the reader, whether they agree or not it will provide them with the information they need to make a decision.

It is also important to make your readers aware of any negatives, even if it goes against your opinion. The more genuine and honest you are the easier your reader will find it to connect with you.

They will then be happy to read further articles and actually want to know your thoughts on a given subject.

  1. The Personal Touch

A writer per hour can write on many different subjects every day. This can make it difficult to have a personal opinion on a subject.

You may find that you are simply typing to get the job done. However, the best writers ensure the personal touch is present in everything they write.

No reader wants to feel like they are reading something a computer could have generated. A funny story about the time you failed as a writer can help to show your human side. Even if it is as embarrassing as writing about the wrong subject or sending the article to the wrong client!

Making it personal allows the reader to connect with you. After all, no matter how good your writing is it’s no use if no one wants to read it.

  1. Add Value

Finally you should add value.

This can be a difficult one to get right. Some people like articles to be short, almost terse. The necessary information is got over in as few words as possible.

But, while this can help to ensure people read the whole article it does not create much room for the personal touch. As a writer per hour this separates you from the other writers.

You therefore need to ensure every sentence has a purpose. This purpose can be to connect to facts, enlighten your reader or to draw them in further.

A large part of deciding the value in a sentence relates back to the second point; knowing what you are trying to achieve with your article.

The Bottom Line

Writing is a personal experience and this should be reflected in everything you write.

Of course attention to detail, particularly spelling is important. But, as a writer per hour you also need to balance the amount of time you spend on a project against the payment your customer is happy to make.

These tips can be easily implemented into your writing. They’ll improve your writing speed and the quality; making you the best writer per hour that you can be.

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  1. This was a great list. I especially appreciated the point about feedback. More people hate it than they should! Would like to add a couple of points not mentioned here:
    •Use social media avidly- networking is necessary for knowing other writers and employers.
    •Take some time out every night to just write for yourself

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