7 Ways to Make a Conversation With Anyone

Conversation is the art of connecting with people. You express, impress and inform or socialize using conversation. It’s a basic necessity to communicate on a daily basis with family, friend or at work or in our social group.

Conversation is a meaningful communication intended towards a defined goal. Like discussion for attending a job interview or conversation to meet a new person with the intention for friendship or commitment for a relationship.

But once it comes to breaking the ice of Sicilian e and striking a conversation many of us fail. At times we end up losing the desired date or maybe a friendship for a lifetime.

So here is a list of seven ways that you can use to strike a conversation with anyone.

  1. Take check conversation as an adventure. An adventure to explore people may be from a different culture or country. Remember discovering people is the real discovery. When you tend to take it as interest instead something forces on you, you will start making sensible conversation. You can make peace, open door for opportunities and moreover learn new things.
  2. Break the silence. For some, it may take courage to say the first word of conversation. But how difficult is it to say hi, or hello or good morning? A simple gesture can help to start a discussion. Returning a generous smile for a smile is another way of doing it. So ones you say the first word the rest conversation will flow on its own.
  3. Ask few quick questions like name, place or something special. When you ask a question like a name, you get the answer and return the favor. Ask few more questions to let the ice melt and a sound stage for detail conversation an begin. But do not overdo.
  4. Body language is as important as your words. Positive body language that shows you willing for communication and not interest for anything in return is more effective. Be simple, straightforward and respectful.
  5. Complimenting is another right way to start a conversation. When you give a good compliment, it’s always appreciated and accepted with an opportunity to get into a detailed conversation. But do not confuse compliment to comment. Commenting is negative.
  6. Ask relevant questions to make your talk bigger. Like asking personal questions about family, friends, Interest or relationship. Remember such personal, questions have unique answers and are that individuals personal opinion, respect it comment positively on it or if required give valuable and appreciable advice on it.
  7. Lastly but most important of all be present during that conversation, not physically but mentally and emotionally. Say but Listen as well. Making eye contact when other person talks back to you or giving a head nod that you are listening is a compelling way of communicating that you are interested in the conversation.

Conversation or talking to someone is not limited to friendly talks. It can be your interview for a job, a group discussion at your university, a public speaking opportunity or anything that requires you to communicate with others. So practicing and polishing your communication skill is a must and it adds to your resume as well.

But remember that even while you mastered the art of effective communication, you must know what to speak, When to talk and the most important when not to speak. Yes, sometimes not saying anything or say silence is the best way to communicate. There can be circumstances when you are confronted, questioned or outraged, at such instances, you have to observe discretion on what you speak, or it’s better to remain silent.

Never be in a rush to start a conversation, that’s a thumb rule. Always wait for the moment when you are ready, and the other person is also prepared. How do you know if another person is interested in talking to you? By reading their body language. Another important thing you should avoid is to interrupt while others are still speaking. Let them complete; then you are your point.

Well, I hope now you know what all you need to do to strike a conversation, so go out meet people, converse to impress, talk to appreciate and above all converse to learn new things in life. Everyone carries their experience of life, share it and live it.

If you have any questions, please ask below!