7 Tips to Crack the CA CPT Exam

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A lot of candidates appear for the CA CPT exam, but as a matter of fact, a lot of them do not clear it right at the first time. The most important thing to clear CA CPT Exam is proper dedication and precision when you prepare for the exam. If you know just the theoretical part of the subject, you stand nowhere, as you must know the application and the time-management process also. Although there are a lot of such things that you can do, you will find 7 tips mentioned below that will help you crack the CA CPT exam.

1. You need to remember that you will have to get at least 30 percent on every subject in which you appear. You cannot afford to miss out this goal in any subject.

2. For the CPT exam, accountancy is considered to be a scoring exam. If you are good in accounting then your chances of cracking the CPT also increases a lot. So here a practical tip would be that, before you start the revision of sums and chapters, make sure to go through the whole theory and then attempt to solve a couple of questions.

3. Make sure to be thorough with your mercantile law and do not miss out on any of the laws, definitions and any topics. The contract act is important here because the mercantile law is the only important subject after accounting, of you want to score.

4. First complete the macroeconomics and then move on to the micro economics. Questions from macroeconomics are also considered to be a good scoring option.

5. Quantitative aptitude is important here as well. Here in the mathematics, it will be great if you first do all the easy sums and then move on to the complicated ones. Integration and differentiation are also important in statics, and it will be best not to miss out on that.

6. If you are well prepared for the exam then you will not think about only the answers that will help you to pass, but you will look to score more. Selecting the right answers within a given frame of time is important, as the level of competition will be very high.

7. You need to be confident in your approach. Whatever answers you give need to be based on your knowledge and confidence and not any guess work. In order to help you boost your confidence, you can opt for the confidence-based learning. In the confidence-based learning you will get help through computerized programs to boost your confidence. So your knowledge will not depend on your guess work, but you will be confident about all that you answer.

The above-mentioned tips will help you to crack the CA CPT exam.


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