5 Benefits of Machine Learning With Python

We are currently living in a technology bubble where Artificial Intelligence is playing an important part in shaping our lives. Machine learning is expected to influence and transform this technology bubble by building algorithms to predict accurate results for building intelligent, reliant and self-conscious machines.

Have you ever wondered what is common between companies like Google, Amazon, DropBox, IBM, and Netflix? They all use Python.

Many companies have forayed into Machine Learning and are also developing tools to manage Big Data. Believe it or not, Python is the most preferred language for both Machine Learning & Big Data Analysis. Pytorch CPU is a library for Python programs. PyTorch emphasizes flexibility and allows deep learning models to be expressed in idiomatic Python.

For a machine learning engineer, it is imperative that he/she understands data in order to develop applications. The first step in the process of development is understanding data followed by extraction, processing, and analysis of data. With a simple code, Python can easily manage huge amounts of raw, unstructured, and incomplete data. This is one of the prime reasons why everyone uses Python when it comes to Machine Learning.

Why Is Machine Learning with Python in Demand?

From retail to healthcare and entertainment to hospitality, across the entire spectrum of services, Data Analysis is influencing the way businesses are operating. This is where Python comes into the picture for carrying out data processing, data analysis, complex calculations, and predictive analysis.

Cutting-edge competition coupled with an insatiable demand for data analysis has brought Python at the forefront of all high-level programming languages. There are over 179,000 third-party Python libraries from where you can find, install, and publish Python packages. This means that you can set-up an application like Airbnb with such freely available resources and get extensive support from its online community.

This is why many web developers, programmers, coders, data scientists, analysts, researchers, and engineers prefer using Python.

What Are the Benefits of Machine Learning With Python?

In millennial lingo, “Machine Learning is Trending, Deep Learning is Hot, and Big Data Analysis is lit.” All of these are a combination of statistics, mathematics, and computer science that revolve around data. Python is the most preferred language for Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Big Data Analysis.

Listed below are the top five reasons why you must enroll in a machine learning course:

  1. Stress-free: Python is easy to learn for beginners as it has a simple syntax and concise readable code. It can be used to implement the same logic with a fraction of code as compared to other languages. So, instead of stressing over writing thousands of lines of code, developers can focus on finding solutions to problems. Its check as you code methodology is also a blessing as it further saves execution time.
  2. Pre-defined Libraries: One of the key reasons why Python saves development time is because of its vast array of libraries such as Pandas, Matplotlib, NumPy, SciPy, PyTorch, TensorFlow, Scikit-Learn, etc. These libraries have a number of useful modules, advanced data structures, algorithms, and packages that can be imported when you are programming. These libraries can be used to process data, create data frames, perform scientific analysis, and solve numerical problems.
  3. Flexibility: It is a platform independent, multi-domain, high-level programming language. To launch your application simultaneously across multiple platforms all you need to do is make a few changes in the code and you’re sorted. Python boasts of having the capability of interacting with a host of third-party languages and platforms.
  4. Open Source: Apart from being readily available, the best part is its online community of developers. As Python is an open source language, you have a number of free resources at your disposal to speed up your project in every stage of the development cycle.
  5. Versatility: Owing to its simplistic object-oriented design, Python can be used to build anything and everything from web development, apps, games, prototypes, frameworks, graphic designs, scientific models, to other multi-protocol network applications, etc. Its diversified applications make it a viable tool in the eyes of programmers.

Get Certified in Machine Learning with Python

With such high demand among employers and industry-best pay scales for certified experts, this is the best time to get certified in Machine Learning with Python. Or else, you can enroll in a data science training if you want to be a data scientist.

Irrespective of your current professional experience, educational background, or skill set, a professional certification will pave the way for your success. This certification will not only allow you to develop, execute, and deliver applications but also help you lead data analysis and research projects in your company.

Even if you have never tried your hand at programming, don’t lose hope and continue learning to ensure you keep striving towards success.

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