12 Ways to Improve English Communication Skills

rgtwrLearning English is not limited to sitting in a classroom and learning tricky grammar. All English teachers ask students to do go a step ahead from books. There are plenty of ways you can learn English better. Most of them are fun and interactive, making the process easier too.

Ways to Improve English

Below are the top tips to improve English communication skills. Add these to your day-to-day learning and you will soon develop.

  1. Watch Television

It is much fun than reading a book, eh? Britain and USA produce some of the best television shows and movies. These have worldwide reach and interest people. Their good grip towards language can improve your English, so start watching shows. Just pick your favorite and carefully follow what they say.

  1. Read books or news

If novels are too much to start with, you can try out short stories. Read one chapter after another and try to read it out loud. If books are not your favorite, stick to reading the news. You can now have news handy through your smartphones, so you don’t always need the papers. Just read to yourself and correct if you go wrong.

  1. Make notes of newly learned vocabulary

Learning English means you will come across tons of words you don’t know. Whenever you learn a new word, write it down on your notebook. Add the meaning to it and read it if you tend to forget. This too can be done on your phone, so you might not have to carry a notebook.

  1. Figure out the best time to learn

Everybody has an ideal time to learn. For most people, it is early mornings when we are our sharpest. Practice your skills during sharp hours, like reading or writing. You could communicate verbally with someone who is skilled and can attend to you.

  1. Listen to music

If television shows or movies are not your things, you could opt for music. Both British and American music will serve you similar to what you’d get from shows. Track the lyrics and practice singing a song or two. These are fun ways to improve your skill.

  1. Swap languages

You could have a friend who is not good in your mother tongue. He might want to learn from you, while you can teach him in exchange for learning English. This too is an interactive option that builds better language and communication skills.

  1. Commit to talking in English

Wherever you go, whoever you speak to, only use English. You might not be fluent, but it works until you cannot explain what you mean. Slowly, this will help you develop into speaking better English.

  1. Record yourself

Use technology to record what you say and promote better pronunciation. You might sometimes forget a pronunciation and your record can come to rescue. Recording studies can also help you repeat what teachers say and listen to it when you self-learn. However, make sure you take permissions for such act.

  1. Write every day

Communication skills are also about written communication. You need to write down small pieces to see how you frame sentences. It could be essays, it could be stories, and it could also be an excerpt of your experiences. Jot down whatever comes to your mind and improve every moment.

  1. Remember your mistakes

You will inevitably make a lot of mistakes. You could also repeat your mistakes. Next time your English teachers correct you, make a note of your mistakes. This way you will have fewer chances to repeat them again.

  1. Change social media language

Switch your internet over to ‘English’ and deal with it! From Google to Facebook, it is time you start interacting in English. The Internet interests us, so we will be keener to figure out their results.

  1. Be realistic

Language lovers often feel that they can learn quickly. However, you have to be realistic about learning. No language is easy and you should give it proper time and learning. Set hours of your day and dedicate only towards that. You will be slow but improvement is inevitable.

Different people respond to different ways of learning. Some people actually excel through book knowledge, while others need interactive options. We have given you a list of plenty and you can choose the ones that would suit your type.

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