Pros and Cons of Medical Colleges with a Distance Learning Option

Medical colleges with a distance learning option are often a preferred choice of those who wish to study for a medical degree but cannot a regular college because of other commitments. Nonetheless, the availability of distance education study mode makes learning easier. In this article, we will highlight both the pros and cons of selecting medical colleges with distance learning option.


Pros of Distance Learning in a Medical College

You can stay at home

The online medical learning curriculum is optimized to accommodate people who wish to study as a stay at home student. Perhaps the student has to work full time and there is no option to study full-time by going to the medical college. Therefore, the medical colleges offer curriculum that can be studied at home. Students can access online classrooms via an active Internet connection and watch real taped classes.

Saves money on education

Distance learning comes cheaper. Not only is the course fee less, you don't have to spend money on traveling, buying books or outside food. If you are a stay at home student or working full time, you get to save a lot of money on education. There are no additional living expenses.

No geographical boundary

You may live in New Delhi but can still pursue a course in Chennai. How? This is either because the medical college sends you all study materials via courier or you can connect with the medical college teaching staff via online connection. The adoption of Internet technology in the education sector has made distance learning very accessible; there are no geographical boundaries in education.

Cons of Distance Learning in a Medical College

Laziness set in

The major problem with distance learning is laziness. If you are working, it is natural to feel lazy and think of catching up on the lessons later. The only problem is that this "later time" doesn't come. Distance learning doesn't have discipline which visiting a medical colleges and attending classes daily imparts. Also, not every learner has it in them to follow a disciplined timetable and allow self scrutiny.

No personal teacher and student interaction

One of the major advantages of going to a medical school is the teacher and student interaction. In the online mode, you can communicate with instruction via tools like Skype or over phone but it is not that interactive. Moreover, in the classroom setting, there is healthy debate between students which always helps to enhance learning. You get to ask questions, engage students, and share reading materials and notes.

Problem in employment

Even though distance education is popular, sometimes you may find it hard to find employment because employers prefer a candidate who has done a regular programme than distance medical education. Moreover, the medical field is such that it needs practical experience, which is not always possible with distance learning module. This and the perception of the employer reduce chances of employability.

Whether you go for distance mode based medical education is entirely your choice. If you prefer to do distance education, make sure that the medical field you choose has a lot of job openings. Not only this, you need to see if the distance education degree is accepted in the job market or not. If not, there is hardly any point in going for it, unless you just want to study the subject out of curiosity.

Lastly, make sure the university or the college is accredited to offer the medical degree in distance education. There is no point in learning from a non-accredited institution because they are not accepted anywhere.

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