Overseas Education Consultants: Meaning, Roles and Functions

frfreferfeqrferGone are the days when qualifications and degrees from any simple colleges were enough to make a successful career in your chosen field. With the passage of time, things have turned out to be more complicated and simple degrees have lost their glow in the wake of the cut-throat competition of the job market. There is a massive gap between the level of skills gained by the students and the level of skills required by the employers. Hence, the students looking to stay ahead of their rivals must come fully prepared. They need to be equipped with the skill sets preferred by the recruiters.

So, what could be the solution to this problem? How would you sharpen your wits and gain the required skills?

An Australian degree can be a valid answer to these questions. With the increasing scope and prospects in overseas education, access to easy education loans and academic scholarships, many international students reach Australia every year to gain expertise and elevate their levels of skill sets. Since leaving your country and family behind and studying in a foreign country can never be an easy task, the need for an expert education consultant should always be on the cards.

However, many myths revolve around the necessity of hiring an agent or consultant- “They are frauds” or “Anyone can apply for an Australian visa.” Why do I need them? How can they help me? Do they help to make a promising career? What’s the use of them when I’m already in Australia?These are some of the most common expressions when it comes to talking about an education or migration agent. These misconceptions and queries often lead students to choose a course or apply for a visa on their own, making them vulnerable to wrong career selection and visa rejections.

So, this article is all about defining the role of education & migration consultants in your student life and how relevant or significant they can be in making better career decisions.

Who is an education consultant?

In simple words, an education consultant is a person who has sufficient knowledge of different education and career opportunities. They guide you after identifying your needs. Education consultants help you customise and develop your Master career plan. They are authorised and accredited by the Professional bodies to provide the right education solutions.

How education consultants help overseas students?

Education consultants lend a clear vision for overseas students who are planning to study abroad by being the bridge between the students and the education destination. They can elaborate the cultural differences that a student would come across, and prepare them better for any situation.

With abundant knowledge about education pathways and career opportunities available for overseas students, they will help you make an informed decision. They can also help students in other practical things, such as saving money (by helping you avail scholarships and bursaries), offering cultural exposure through organising city tours, pre-departure and post-arrival preparations, and giving a slice of international student life.

Some other tasks performed by an education consultant

An education consultant functions as a student guardian when the student is in a new country. They put away worries of the parents whose child is studying abroad by being a contact person under unexpected circumstances like flight cancellation, sickness, etc.

They are very much helpful during academic emergencies, such as

  • How to get extra help when you’re lagging behind regarding course progress?
  • What can be done when your enrolment gets cancelled due to some unforeseen reasons?
  • What kind of procedures an overseas student has to follow in case of an emergency that compels them to return to their country temporarily?
  • What can you do when a specific deadline is over?

Visa matters can also lead to complicated situations if a student is not guided well. It’s a crucial advisory role where the right migration agents in Australia can ensure that your student life in smooth and trouble-free with no black dot on your immigration history.

How useful are migration agents?

Expert migration agents can help you a number of ways. They will help you,

  • Understand and meet the criteria for the grant of a successful Australian student visa
  • Interpret the conditions put on your visa and guide you how to follow them diligently
  • Understand your obligations as a student visa holder and guide you how to lead a spot free overseas student life
  • With extending your visa onshore by giving you the right advice

Don’t forget how they can be your friend and first contact onshore too. In fact, they lend you a caring hand to overcome culture shock, organise accommodation, socialise with networking opportunities and get away with the loneliness and inhibitions.

Studying or settling in a country like Australia is an opportunity that comes only once. A little mistake can keep you from getting the experience you deserve. And, a brilliant way to ensure that experience is by reaching to expert education & migration consultants.

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