Online Test Series – A healthy preparation technique

The preparations for JEE and NEET examinations must be in full swing with approximately two months left for the engineering exam and 3 months left for the medical exam. At this particular point, students need to be aware of some key preparation strategies in order to turn their dreams into reality. This is possible only with online tests series of JEE/NEET. Before we get onto how to let’s first go through some basics:

What is the online test series?

It is a series of mock tests (online assessment tool) based on the actual exam pattern that is usually conducted by the institute in either offline or online mode to assess student’s preparation. These tests are conducted on regular basis like weekly or monthly depending upon the institute’s plan in order to make the aspirants savvy with national level examinations.

Why JEE and NEET online tests are being conducted?

Online test series for JEE and NEET.

The all India level engineering examination JEE and medical exam NEET follow a proper format that is released by the exam conducting authority. In order to make students familiar with this pattern, the coaching institutes conduct online exam tests before the actual exams.

How online test series will be beneficial?

A student is going to be immensely benefited if they solve enough number of mock tests series online. And you will agree too after going through the below-mentioned reasons.

  1. Familiarizes with the exam – You are going to appear for one of the toughest examinations of India. So, no end time mistakes will be entertained. Your one minute mistake might land you very far away from entering IIT or AIIMS or your dream college. To make sure you are well-versed with the exam conditions, you have to solve these test series to get an ample amount of practice for the real examinations.
  2. Hone the paper-solving skills like a pro – You have already learned the art of solving questions if you have gone through enough mock tests. Already knowing the strategy to solve and approach questions will bring you ahead of others. Moreover, you will be in a familiar space that you have been into before which will eventually reduce stress.
  3. Builds your physical and mental stamina – Both JEE and NEET exams are timed. One needs to solve questions within the given time-frame. This can be exhausting for candidates who are appearing for the exam for the first time. Test series help you here by strengthening your physical and mental stamina for enhanced performance.
  4. Haven’t revised yet? Don’t worry – You know the best way for revising your entire syllabus is by appearing for the online JEE and NEET test series. They will exactly tell you where you lack, what needs to be improved and how is your actual preparation going on. So, in case you are not done with your revisions, you know what needs to be done.
  5. Managing time becomes easy -Time is precious and especially for exams like these where there is a do or die situation, one better makes proper utilization of time. By solving online tests you will firstly know how to complete your paper in time. Secondly, in which section you need to devote how much time. Once you’ve learned the skills to invest time properly in exams, there is nothing stopping you from cracking these prestigious examinations.
  6. Makes you confident and positive – You should be high in spirit while giving the examination and this can only happen if you are confident. This enthusiasm will come only when you have completed your entire syllabus, must have understood the concepts and their applications and practiced enough tests, sample papers, previous year papers without complaining.

Which online test series is the best?

EtoosIndia provides you an online platform for evaluating your preparations with test series for JEE and NEET. You need not install any hardware or software to avail these tests. You simply need to register on the website and get started with the easy-to-use and highly interactive online tests.

    • AIETS – Etoos All India Engineering Test Series comprises of 5 part syllabus tests, 2 cumulative tests and 12 full syllabus tests for JEE aspirants. This is available at a nominal price of Rs. 1,100.
    • AIMTS – Etoos All India Medical Test Series has got 8 chapter tests, 6 part syllabus tests, 3 cumulative tests and 10 full syllabus tests at just Rs. 1,100
    • VMTS – Video Mock Test Series is a new concept online test that has got video solutions to each question along with video recommendations for improvement. You get instant exam analysis along with your performance report in detail. You can download the VMTS app from Google Play Store.

VMTS - Video Mock Test Series.


Experts have always laid emphasis on going through online tests before any examinations. They are one of the stepping stones to successfully clear the exams. Encompassing modern day technology and with accurate analysis, these are a great contributor to provide you with the current status of your preparation. Make sure you appear for these online tests!

If you have any questions, please ask below!