International Schools in Bangkok: Inspiring Productive Learning

International schools in Thailand have always set great standards when it comes to providing a holistic student learning experience. Everything from the school curriculum to teaching methods through to resources and facilities is designed to mold students into learned, responsible and confident individuals.

The main goal of many Bangkok-based international schools is to really expose students to real-world, multifaceted activities and challenges to help them excel beyond the classroom. These schools can help the learner interact with new cultures, grow their personality and develop great problem-solving skills.

Over and above that, children are offered an opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities like athletics, robotics, arts, debate teams, traveling, destination imagination and more. With the enormous exposure students in such a learning environment have, they are bound to gain more career opportunities compared to those from local schools.

Best International Schools in Bangkok

There are about 73 international schools in Bangkok international education where kids study from Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten all through to high school. Some of the notable ones include NIST International School, Wells International School, International School Bangkok (ISB), Singapore International School of Bangkok and more. Most of these schools in Bangkok have either adopted American, Singaporean or UK curriculums.

There’s one international school in Bangkok, Thailand though that promises to redefine the whole concept of international school learning in Bangkok and Thailand in general (which can’t be named due to conflict of interest). Based in the Bang Na district and due to open in August 2020, the school offers a robust educational system that can excite both Thai and expat parents. Its curriculum will also be one of the most comprehensive and engaging.

A Closer Look at the Robust International School

This international school seeks to give student learning a new lease of life by igniting passion and inspiring creativity. Its pedagogy is inclined towards scrapping the traditional ‘one-size-fits-all’ kind of teaching and introducing a more bespoke mode of learning.

A New Approach to Learning

Harnessing the skills and talents of highly qualified international educators, this international school will seek to provide a more innovative, interactive and inspiring learning experience.

The school’s curriculum will be interdisciplinary with a strong focus on project-based learning, so the children will not only come out with academic achievements but also with polished interpersonal skills and mindsets.

Out of Ordinary Learning Environment

One of the most defining features of this international school will be its state-of-the-art learning facilities that will provide highly interactive and limitless learning. Students here will be seamlessly connected with the happenings of natural and virtual world. The facilities in the school will basically cover students of different grades including Early Childhood, Grade 5 to 8 and Grade 9 to 12.

The learning experience at the school will shape the students’ future by:

  • Teaching them confidence, self-awareness and sensitivity
  • Deepening their knowledge and skills through applied and project-based experiences
  • Allowing students to own and manage their learning experiences
  • Allowing students to demonstrate or share the learning through public exhibition and showcase events
  • Inspiring students to be humble, compassionate and kind


Taking your child to an international school presents an opportunity for him/her to learn and grow holistically.

The fees paid in these schools are high as expected but the value your child will get there cannot be worth comparing. The upcoming innovative international school promises an even more robust learning, so it’s an international school to watch out for, especially if you’re based in Bangkok.

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