Importance of Degree from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)

Being an IIT graduate has always been a matter of esteem and respect and you keep realizing it more as you proceed in the path of your future career. Indian Institute of Technology (IITs) are widespread all over the nation and are attracting more and more student population every day. The educational training standard in IIT have is evolving significantly with the rolling of time. Today, studying at IIT is not about just excelling in the area of engineering and research but also about learning and mastering finance, social and management skills.

IIT pass outs are some of the most active contributors not only in the IT industry in India alone, but their contributions encompass several other sectors. The CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai is an IIT pass out. He surely earned many higher educational degrees from international universities but, his educational journey at IIT have always served gold in the long run of his career path. His very first job was related to Applied Materials Company but it was from there he ventured into the product management role. This is precisely how the degree earned from IIT Kharagpur left a huge and positive impact in his career life.

Highlighting the specific benefits that you will gain as an IIT graduates

IIT is the best choice if you are aiming to transform into a capable professional who can execute skills in flexible areas in the future. There are several rational justifications why more and more young minds are showing interest in ITT nowadays and demonstrated below are some of them.

Increased marketability of IIT graduates

As an IIT student you, the attention of recruiters will automatically be drawn towards you. You will attain maximum preference from giant corporates as they are already aware of where you are coming from and the quality of training you have achieved. The IIT tag is extremely strong and your chances of landing with a lucrative job in a top-notch organization are much higher than others. JEE Main can be considered as one of the foremost gateways to enhancing your knowledge area to attain a chance in an IIT institute.

However, JEE Main is only the screening exam for JEE advanced. The cutoff marks of the mark in Jee mains exam will be considered as the eligibility to attend the Jee Advanced exam. Your JEE advanced marks will be considered if you are looking forward to attaining admission in the IIT. You score needs to be above 75% or among the top twenty percentile in your corresponding board examination.

You can go ahead and check out the JEE Main exam criterions if you are planning to attend the exam anytime soon. There are many reputed and informative websites and applications that you can certainly go ahead and take help from. It is best to begin your research with some time in hand as there are new shifts and changes in the syllabus or pattern which you would not like to miss out on.

IIT students are armed with the perfect corporate-world etiquettes

IIT students provided with high-quality training and their skills and proficiencies peak beyond scholastic boundaries. The Indian institutions of Technology often stress on aspects like personality development, corporate culture, and unveiling the innate potentials of students. Needless to mention that the tech knowledge of students is sharpened from the core as that is the primary motive of any IIT Institute.

Also, the world-class IIT infrastructure plays a significant role in the right development of engineering students. Starting from an excellent campus culture, advanced teaching aids, industry curriculum, international-level teaching pedagogy, the IIT leverages its students with every necessary facilities and resource.

All IIT graduates are team players

Last, of all, the overall reputation of IIT plays a key role in adding an edge to the portfolio of the graduates. They are known for producing top talents over the years. The IIT tag does not only help in bringing the best of opportunities to students nowadays but also making them capable of attaining growth in the long-run.

Needless to mention again that you will be attaining training among some of the best brains in the entire nation. Your peers will be the creams of the lot and surely that will influence you positively helping you pick up dynamic skillsets and acumen. This will also help you keep your learning attitude alive and emerge as not just as the finest professionals in the nation but as influential leaders.

There are several extra-curricular activities the held at the IIT institutions helps in adding immense value. Literature, Quizzing, Photography film making competition, stage plays, street plays, debating, fine arts are some of the most common examples of the extra-curricular activities held at IIT. It is important to understand that extra-curricular activity, peripheral events and programs are not only meant for inducing enthusiasm and entertainment in the curriculum but these significantly help in polishing the innate skills and knowledge horizons of students. These come together as a federal force to prepare the IIT crowd for a more competitive future as these activities in the IIT are quite diverse compared to other colleges or universities.

Mentioned above was the name and accomplishments of one IIT graduate that is Sundar Pichai, but there are several other personalities who stand as some of the most successful leaders in the twenty-first-century business world. Some of the names that definitely deserve mention in this scenario would be Varun Grover, Manohar Parrikar, Sachin Bansal, Amit Singha, Raghuram Rajan, Nikesh Arora, Vinod Khosla and more. The importance of earning a degree is massive and it would serve you beyond a mere academic degree. It is a literal path for you to join the top league of the top professionals and a tag that would change your market identity forever.

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