IIT JEE Video Lectures: The Best Way to Prepare for JEE

IIT JEE is one of the toughest competitive examinations conducted to shortlist candidates for the top engineering colleges in the country. The exam tests the knowledge of the candidates in three subjects namely Physics, Chemistry and Maths. The course is vast and the questions put across in the Joint Entrance Examination are mostly twisted to ensure that only the most deserving and dedicated students get admission in the top colleges. It is thus imperative to begin the preparation at least two years prior to the exam and ensure that the preparation period is utilized to the fullest.

While there are several guide books that help in the preparation of this examination, it is essential to seek expert guidance to prepare thoroughly. Most students join coaching for the Joint Entrance Examination when they are still in grade XI. The last two years of the high school are crucial and when one is required to prepare simultaneously for both the CBSE and JEE exam it becomes all the more difficult. This is the reason why online coaching has gained popularity over the years. IIT JEE video lectures such as that provided by Etoosindia have especially been designed to help the students manage their time well and study efficiently for the exam.

IIT JEE Video Lectures

Let us have a closer look at the benefits of studying through these video lectures:

  1. Study Anytime

You do not have to plan your day according to the timings of your coaching class. Video lectures give you the freedom of scheduling your study hours as per your convenience. So you can study at a time when you can concentrate best and manage your day better.

  1. Study Anywhere

Video lectures offer you the ease of studying at your home, go for group studies at a friend’s place or any other place of your choice. This way you don’t miss out on your lectures even when you are not well or require travelling for a few days. You can study on the go or once you are back.

  1. Choose Your Mode

Just like Etoosindia, many institutes offer you the ease of choosing between offline and online IIT JEE video lectures. You can opt for video lectures on VOD, mobile, USB and DVD depending on the mode you are comfortable using and view these unlimited times within the given time period.

  1. High Quality Lectures

These video lectures are high quality and thus offer you the feeling of sitting in a real classroom like environment yet provide the comfort of studying at home.

  1. Study at Your Pace

One of the main problems faced by the students in the conventional classroom coaching is that even if they do not understand a particular topic properly they need to move to the next as the entire class cannot wait for a few students. However, when you study through IIT JEE video lectures you have the ease of studying at your own sweet pace. You can view the topics over and over again until you understand them well.

  1. Save Time

You do not require wasting time in getting ready and commuting each day to reach your coaching class. Just turn on your video lecture and start studying. The time saved can be used in some productive task.

  1. Save Money

Not only do the IIT JEE video lectures help you save on your time but they also help you save a good amount of money. The money spent on commuting to reach the coaching institute is clearly saved. Besides, the hostel charges and other expensive of the students who require relocating to a different city in order to seek coaching are saved.


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