How to prepare for USMLE?

Need to know how to prepare for your all awaited USMLE (the United States Medical Licensing Examination)

We have included the best techniques, what to expect, and how to study for each step of the USMLE.

QUPI is one of the world’s best and biggest sites to help you prepare for your USMLE. QUPI Medical Question Bank will provide more than 10,000 questions so you can practice your medical knowledge before the real examination.

A big part of preparing for your USMLE is making sure you are mentally ready for the multiple-choice questions that you need to answer. All 3 steps will include these so it makes up a big percentage of the exams.

You can easily access QUPI – Medical Question Bank on the app to practice the questions in your free time.

The question bank was completely prepared by medical students that have gone through the examination process. So all material is relevant from people that have experienced the USMLE.

Thousands of medical students turn to QUPI to study for the biggest exam of their life!

Preparing for Step one

Step one of USMLE consists of around 280 multiple-choice questions over an 8 hour day, so you want to get that question practice in before!

Most students tend to set aside a certain amount of time each day to go over any necessary material and use the QUPI Medical Question Bank to do the practice questions.

Once you have done a decent amount on the medical question bank, you will have an idea of what areas you need to study more on, as they will give you a review at the end.

Another good tool to use while studying for step one is flashcards. Note down any necessary notes you need to remember and go through these daily, stick them around your room or any place you will see them regularly.

Preparing for Step two


The clinical knowledge section of step two will be very similar to step one with a 9 hour day of multiple-choice questions.

You will find your study preparation will be using more or less the same techniques as step one with the QUPI Medical Question Bank.


The clinical skills section of step two will require slightly different preparation as it’s more physical.

You will need to gather data from a patient where you need to type notes on the situation – so it will be good to go over your note-taking skills! It’s best to make short, clear and concise notes. Any fluff in your notes will add extra time and unnecessary information.

CS step two will also require you to know your key buzzwords for each case. This will give the correct diagnosis for the patient so make sure you are confident with these buzzwords beforehand.

It’s a good idea to practice with a friend for this step because of its practical nature. You can set up a typical medical scenario to go over the whole process from the note-taking to the diagnosis.

The clinical skills section is one of the hardest parts of USMLE so we highly recommend practising as much as possible for this one.

Preparing for step three

The last and final stage of USMLE is a long haul that will require lots of study and prep.

Step three is split over two days – the first day consisting of multiple-choice questions. Practice with QUPI Medical Question Bank to prepare with your best medical knowledge.

The second day will be different from any other part of your USMLE. You will get 13 different case simulations where you will need to deliver care for various situations.

It is highly recommended to use computer-based simulations to prepare for this stage. You will need to diagnose each simulation, devise a plan and perform medical care.

Make sure to practice with a timer as you get 10-20 minutes for each case, so it’s important to perfect performing well under pressure.

How much time to prepare for the exams?

Every student will vary with study time on each step for the USMLE. But this is generally what we recommend to be best prepared for the examination.

Step one of USMLE is typically around 4-6 months of regular studying.

Step two has a shorter study time closer to 1-2 months.

The final step requires around 4-8 weeks of studying.

Of course, the more studying and preparation you do the more confident you will feel for the USMLE. So always try going for a longer duration!

If you have any questions, please ask below!