How To Learn English

learn-englishThe widespread use of the English language is undeniable. While there are plenty of other languages in the world, English has come to the fore in many public communication systems.

Therefore, it becomes a handy skill for people to learn English as fluently as possible. The usefulness of learning this language can be further illustrated by the fact that:

  • 80% of the information that is stored in the computers around the world is in English
  • if one talks about all the mail and the cables that are sent across the globe, then 75% of their content is in English
  • the world of education and professions is also replete with a majority of the technical, scientific, academic journals and material being in English

Learning English could therefore be a very good idea indeed! One of the biggest advantages of learning English is the fact that many careers and occupations can be made easier because quite a large population across the world converses in English. With a few tips and pointers kept in mind, you can make the process of learning English an easy and effective one.

Making it a point to integrate English in everyday life

Learning English or any other language for that matter-of-fact, should not be limited to the "classroom" alone. Whether you are studying online or using a guidebook or even going to a physical classroom to learn English, you should make it a point to do activities such as the following an everyday basis.

  • Listen to English news channels and watch English programs on television
  • Read as many English books as you can, starting even with really simple to read children's books
  • While commuting, make it a point to read English billboards and even pamphlets and leaflets that you might come across
  • Speak all the words that you learn out loud so that you get familiar with the way they are used and pronounced
  • Do away with hesitation when it comes to speaking a language that you are not familiar with

Using a combination of methods

Normally, when it comes to learning English, you can choose from several options or methods such as online courses, English schools, going for personal tutoring and even buying yourself a book that will teach you how to learn English from your native language. Ideally, you should be able to mix and match all these methods. This gives you different perspectives on the language and gives you ways and means by which you can continue your learning process almost constantly wherever you are.

Start thinking in English

One of the most difficult things to do; but one of the most effective things as well; is to learn how to start thinking in English. Normally, people who are trying to learn a new language continue to think in their native language and then struggle with translating their thoughts into words. Somewhere down the line, it would really help if you could start even thinking in English because this will give you a better understanding of the nuances of words. For instance, do you say, "This is an apt choice" or "This is the correct choice." And so on.

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