How to Give Your Creative Brain A Boost in The Right Direction

Creativity is similar to that of a muscle. It needs to be stretched, worked out to its limits and occasionally challenged to benefit more in the long run.

Just like swimming, juggling, coding, and driving, creativity can be improved only through practice. So how can you, as a student, can give your creative brain a boost in the right direction? The following tips can help.

1. Sign yourself up for a class or a course that you have never done before

How about signing yourself up for a new language class? French? German? Chinese? Anything?

Okay, opting for a new language class isn’t the main point of this tip. The point is to sign yourself up for a class (ANY class) that you have not done before. These activities can help to give you’re the creative part of your brain a huge boost in the right direction.

So you can see that it doesn’t matter how you do, as long as you do.

2. Learn in groups

learn in groups

Collaborative learning helps to induce curiosity in students. Curiosity, at the same time, can lead to creativity.

Hence, it’s advisable to join a productive study club, such as a math club or a chess club to give your creativity a push in the right direction.

So don’t procrastinate further. Join NOW! Act today for a better tomorrow.

3. Give your brainstorming a pause and get physically active

Although old-school practices do dictate brainstorming as a powerful learning tool for boosting up that creative brain of yours in the right direction, modern practices say something different.

According to the current practices, too much of brainstorming can do your more harm than good in the long run. Too much of brainstorming can make you a sedentary person on the whole; something that’s not at all desirable from the point of view of a student.

It’s therefore advisable to give your brainstorming sessions a productive break in the middle to improve their efficiency on the whole. Give it a pause and go for a walk or a jog. It does help.

go for a jog

Note: Intense physical activities help to release dopamine in the body which is also known as the happy hormone, in particular. This can help to keep your stress and anxiety at bay and can also help to channelize your creative energy in the right direction. So is there something not to like? Guess not!

4. Start painting


Painting is a great way of spreading the wings of your creativity in a whole new manner.

It truly is an effective practice where you would be able to make a complete and constructive use of your time which might have been wasted fiddling with the phone.

Although you might get a bit disappointed by the quality of your paintings at the start (in case you have no prior experience of the subject matter) but don’t lose heart as a result of that. The more you practice, the more you’ll improve.

Note: You may also sign up for painting classes in your locality to give your creative brain a boost in the right direction.

5. Use technology to your advantage

Several apps are available in the market that can help to give your brain the nudge it needs to amplify creativity in the best possible manner.

A few examples are provided below for your reference:

  • Brainsparker (Supported platforms: Android, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch)
  • SimpleMind (Supported platforms: Android, iPad, iPhone, Mac, Windows)
  • TED Talks (Supported platforms: Android, iPad, iPhone)
  • Coffitivity (Supported platforms: Android, iPad, iPhone)
  • Unstuck (Supported platforms: Android, iPhone, iPad, web)

6. Engage with puzzles


Traditional old-school puzzles such as the Legos, Rubik’s cube, origami paper and others, can really do the trick for you if you can use them the right way.

Keep these puzzles nearby, preferably on your study table so that you can get your hands to them whenever you want to do so.

Building or solving something physically with your hands, as opposed to solving the same on paper can really give you that creative jolt you need. So try this out. You may really benefit well in the long run as a result of this.

So that’s all for now then folks. Hope the tips mentioned above come in handy for you. Cheerio!

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