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freelance-writerBecoming a freelance writer, is more than just a job. Freelance writers should look for and work on their own writing projects, to be their bosses, and to plan their careers around their profession. Although the latter two problems can be quite difficult, however sometimes to get a job may be the most serious concern. Many writers come from a professional environment in which they had a regular job as a permanent employee. Choice to work as a freelance writer, who is an independent contractor or consultant requires you to find a way to get a job in a competitive industry.

Guidelines for freelance writers

If you want your article to appear on a site and the theme of your content relates to lean manufacturing and continuous improvement, AdvancedWriters I’ll be glad to publish it. All materials are supplemented by contacts of the author, including a link to their site.

Why write for

    • Your materials will be read by hundreds of the readers.

  • You will get a back link from a site that is ranked among the most popular sites.

  • You will receive recognition and your article will appear in the search results where your potential clients and employers will be looking for your name on the Internet.

  • You will get the rating and awards to let the clients choose the most suitable writer.

  • You will get the testimonials from the client.

If you are interested in working with AdvancedWriters who have thousands of projects in pipeline for implementation of lean manufacturing and continuous improvement processes and know what they are talking about. So, if you are comfortable working late at night or at the weekend or you can work at 24/7 environment at our site AdvancedWriters. Every freelancer writing job needs its own cover letter for example, for editing-job, you should put your editorial work at the top. Do not bother with your jobs that are reaching, no matter how much you want them. There is simply to too much competition. Writing-it’s your business, whatever may be said about it on the web. Be a professional in all respects. In addition to perfect ownership pen for a writer it also means to have a business card, letter-head, telephone with voice mail, e-wallet, bank account, a place to work. Should not forget about such important things as a discipline in the writers’ schedules, deadlines and commitment to the ethics of the author.

The two main rules:- 1. Article or a note must be unique. The site will not publish material that is already posted on other sites and blogs. 2. Please do not take My Edits (minor changes, typos, addition of links) as a personal affront. In any case, significant changes in the content are made only with the consent of the author – and ofcourse with your consent.

You can send an idea for the note. Add to the idea of ​​a description of what will be a note that I can assess whether it is suitable for publication on the website. Email through the contact form. Site will get back to you within a couple of days. If you need some assistance in the process of pay out or have any technical issues with the personal account on AdvancedWriters, use the 24/7 support team. To get in touch with the support, please, write down a message via Support section in your AdvancedWriters account.

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