How to Become a Yoga Instructor with Certification

People start with a yoga practice to reduce stress, to reconnect with owns self, or maybe to get back the pre-baby body.

Do You Have The Skill And To Become A Yoga Instructor?

If you are passionate about yoga and have seen its transformative effect in your life, it is natural to share that with others as well. Moreover, if you are at ease in front of a group and to connect with people through yoga, then teaching yoga may be a perfect fit for you.

A yoga instructor is always expected to lead a positive experience just like a fitness instructor. If you have the creativity and business sense in yourself, then you can become yoga instructor with certification. However, for that, you need to find a reasonable and accurate yoga programs which are responsible for building the qualities of a yoga instructor.

What Certification Or Training Is Needed?

Basic Training

Many agencies are set up to provide examinations and certifications for yoga teachers as a group of fitness instructors and personal trainers. The average baseline training for a yoga instructor is 200-hour on contract programs. This means you need to spend 200 hours in the hands-on learning environment. Programs may offer their yoga instructor certification. The 200-hour programs consist of an intensive month-long retreat experience; while another training is done over two years with a series of weekend workshops or several topics. Definite styles yoga or yoga for schools may have additional requirements that include—mentoring with experienced teachers, having a personal yoga practice in the classes with good observation and evaluation.


Advanced Training

In advance training if you are ready to go beyond the set of basic training, then you need to practice for 500-hour programs. These programs will further teach the yoga skills and develop your abilities to work with special populations like people with health challenges. These programs commonly take one to two years of completion, whereas many are equivalent to time commitment that is converted to a master’s degree. Some of the yoga styles also have multiple levels of certifications; like the junior instructor, senior instructor, and master teacher who trains new teachers for yoga.

Other ways to become yoga instructor with certification are:

  • Experience
  • Motivation
  • Finances
  • Time management
  • Lifestyle
  • Personal practice
  • Expectation

Tips for Choosing Right Yoga Programs

It is great to have various options, but how do you know which one is the right one to choose of all? Here are some tips for choosing the right yoga teacher-training program with proper certification—

Three-Month Trainings

These training strike a good balance between intensives and longer courses. These trainings are ideal for those who cannot give up the day job and are not happy to wait for a year or more to get their yoga instructor certification. These training courses are set for those who work for 8 hours. So, the training can take place during weekday evenings or on weekends.

Training Sessions at Home

To have training courses at home can be the best option for people with family and other commitments. One of the biggest advantages of pursuing yoga teacher training at home is that you will be learning in the context where you are most likely to teach and helping others easily and comfortably.

Training for Year Long

Year-long training will give you more time to integrate knowledge and practice. Such training courses are better for people wishing to make a gradual transition to becoming a yoga instructor with certification and those with work and life commitments they are not ready or able to give up.

Closing Lines

Hence, to become a yoga instructor, it is important to choose reputed programs that offer a proper certification to make you an authentic yoga teacher.


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