Here are the top 5 prerequisites to enroll for ACTP coach training program

Are you looking to enrol for the Accredited Coach Training Program?

(ACTP) Good decision! And here is why it is so:

  • An ACTP certification will give a lofty push to your coaching career
  • The certification in ACTP will not only fetch credibility but also position you as someone who takes being a coach very seriously and display your commitment to coaching
  • You will earn superior coaching skills increasing your ‘likeability’ quotient
  • It will prepare you for delivering your coaching in a range of diverse situations for a varied crowd
  • And above all, this course will help you discover your niche leadership coaching style that will set you apart

Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

Remember though that you want to bag your ACTP badge from a high-ranked and International Coach Federation (ICF) backed coaching institute.

What do surveys show:

Coaching circles the lives of coachees in so many ways. The coachees share their most vulnerable secrets, are honest with their coaches, and place complete trust in them. It is only a blatant right of the coachee then to expect a certified and validated coach who shows a new path, a new journey to them. According to the 2017 ICF Global Consumer Awareness Study, over 80% of consumers who had been part of a coaching relationship said that it was important to them that their coaches were accredited.

Which organization comes highly recommended?

Any of the ICF accredited organizations should be definitely one of your top choices.

Most of them are global leadership coaching firms and have been front-runners in the coaching industry by enabling quality resources in coaching. This brought coaching firms soaring reputations for being top-notch in coaching.

5 stars to ACTP

The ACTP an ICF recognized pathway for earning ACC Credentials for leaders and coaches. The course is usually crafted to develop coaching competencies that will prove useful in everyday life – professionally and personally.

Today’s world is full of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity – long for – VUCA. The ACTP promises a powerful program that is as relevant as it is resourceful for aspiring coaches. It is also the most effective way for coaches to achieve their ACC and PCC Credentials.

A typical ACTP Program includes classroom training, assignments, peer coaching and mentoring. The program finally ends with performance evaluation which when cleared the participant can apply for credentials with ICF. As is evident, the ACTP Certification is all-inclusive and covers all the steps to an accreditation, from training to final certification.

ACTP Program offers 125 Hours of Coach Training Program.

Who can enrol for the ACTP course?

  • Professionals who want to take their career to the next level
  • Entrepreneurs who want to get better at their game
  • The manager-level crowd who want to push their careers to the next level
  • Students pursuing professional courses
  • And also participants looking for ACC credential or moving from ACC to PCC credential with ICF

The ACTP edge:

The ACTP accredited coach training, helps aspiring coaches to build their competencies and confidence in coaching.

  • Ensure individual attention and lead to honing superior skills of the coach.
  • Qualified trainers who live and breathe coaching help in building an instant connection with the coach-to-be which makes the entire course smooth
  • Mentor coaches are experienced and renowned to sharpen the learning curve

Coaching is one of the fast advancing industries today and no surprise then that it proves to be one of the most exciting and lucrative careers to consider in today’s otherwise ever-changing world.

When professionals decide to take up courses like ACTP coaching, not only do they benefit out of it but also are able to spread the value that they gain through their experiences and training sessions.

Being a successful coach or achieving success in Coaching, lies in grasping the nerve of your students, building a connection with them, observing them, being keenly attentive towards them, communicating effectively with them thus unleashing their potential to become superior what they are training to be.

The ACTP pathway by ICF has been designed keeping all this at the heart of it. It is a start to finish coaching training program. The Accredited Coach Training Program equips participants to demonstrate coaching skills in their coaching conversations. Even if the program is rigorous, the results it brings for the participants and their students are most rewarding. Coaches who get trained by accredited coaching firms not only are backed by the badges that they earn but are able to bring the kind of professionalism that their clients expect. And also the kind that clients need to turn into excellent coaches or to achieve the trajectory they want to.

If you are a potential or practicing coach, the ACTP Certification Program is the perfect pathway for you to earn a global credential in coaching.

If you have any questions, please ask below!