Good and Worst Experiences You Can Have From IAS Coaching Institutes

As IAS is the most coveted of the Civil Services by the Indian youth, a number of IAS coaching institutions have mushroomed all over Delhi. Besides, many more are coming up. The process seems to be unstoppable.

But, it’s alarming that most of the IAS coaching institutions are not dedicated to equipping their students to clear the exam. They focus more on minting money. When a Civil Services aspirant gets himself enrolled in an IAS coaching institute, he looks for proper guidance and even mentorship. However, many times, the candidate is left frustrated with a bitter taste in his mouth.

It is so because a considerably great number of the IAS coaching institutions treat the coaching activity as a money making exercise. A hefty sum of fee is charged from the IAS aspirant when he gets himself enrolled. But, sadly enough, he does not receive value for money in the same proportion.

Besides, there is a great number of candidates who have been able to clear the IAS exam without attending classes in any coaching institution at all. On the other hand, there is no dearth of even those IAS aspirants who prefer getting themselves enrolled in a coaching institution for some reason or another.

However, the candidates aspiring to join IAS either find the coaching a good experience or a bad one and in some, nay many of the cases, the worst one. So, what kind of good or bad experience you are likely to go through at an IAS coaching institution?

A wisely chosen IAS coaching institute results in a good experience

In case, you have not decided in a haste, and chosen the IAS coaching institution wisely, you are likely to be aided in your preparation for the exam in various ways. The major ones are listed below:

  • The faculty stands by you while you move towards the road to success: IAS exam, being the toughest, requires a lot of guidance and also mentorship. And you might have realized that well enough before you made up your mind to join an IAS coaching institution. Otherwise, you would not have paid the fee and got yourself enrolled.

The faculty at the IAS coaching institutions is responsible for being your teacher, guide, and mentor. It helps to boost your confidence by equipping you better to face and clear the exam.

  • Saves Time: Though the candidates are required to attend the classes on time, regularly and punctually, you will find that the coaching institution has come to your rescue, saving a lot of the time and effort. It is so because the syllabus prescribed by UPSC is quite vast. Thus, the coaching institution would not only get you the study material, but also help sharpen your answer writing skills as far as the IAS exam is concerned. The Test Series and Mock Interviews are likely to help you a great deal. Also, your queries will be answered and doubts clarified by the faculty at the coaching institution.
  • A Competent Environment: It is one of the greatest advantages offered by IAS coaching institutions. The classroom sessions provide you with an opportunity to prepare for the IAS exam with a number of other aspirants. Most of them come from different academic and professional backgrounds. Moreover, when you are competing with others, you get to know where you are lacking in, and hence, prepare accordingly. It equips you better to compete finally in the IAS exam.

An IAS coaching institution chosen in haste may result in the worst experience:

In case, you have chosen the IAS coaching institution in a haste, you are more likely to regret it for it may prove to be your worst experience. The major ones of your regrets may be as listed below:

  • The faculty may not be up to the mark: In case, the faculty at the IAS coaching institution is not up to the mark for some reason or another, you are likely to regret having got yourself enrolled at the institute. The faculty that is lacking in knowledge or does not have sufficient experience may not help you to prepare for the exam in a competent manner.
  • Getting enrolled in the institute may prove to be a sheer waste of time, money and effort: If not chosen wisely, getting yourself enrolled in an IAS coaching institute may be a regrettable experience on more grounds than one (apart from the incompetent faculty, as already stated above). Some of the probable ones are listed below:

(i)Poor study material: As most of the IAS aspirants are well aware that UPSC prescribes a syllabus that is not only hugely vast, but also requires a highly competent preparation. Besides, it is an open secret that IAS being the most coveted of the Civil Services, the competition gets tougher with each passing year. So what can you expect if the study material is poor? The worst experience, of course.

(ii) Your queries might be left unanswered: In case, the coaching institution is more inclined on minting money, rather than helping the students prepare for the IAS exam, your queries are likely to be left unanswered. In order to make the moola, the institutions may allow more than a reasonable number of students in the batch. In that case, the queries of most of the students are likely to be left unanswered.

(iii) Lack of well designed Test Series and/or Mock Interviews: Apart from the poor study material, the lack of well designed Test Series and/or Mock Interviews may also result in an extremely incompetent preparation for the IAS exam.

Finally, nobody would like to go through the worst experience, specifically if it is the IAS exam that he aims to clear. In case, the candidate does not decide in a haste, it can very well be an extremely good experience as well. It is up to you, how you make use of your discretion while choosing the IAS coaching institution you want to get enrolled in.

Last but not the least, if you don’t have access to good IAS coaching institute in your locality or state – it is better to join online IAS coaching of Delhi. They are a better option for preparation of Civil Services examination nowadays, many selected candidates had prepared online. It is better to join reputed online coaching then to join low standard coaching at a local level.

If you have any questions, please ask below!