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Wildlife-PhotographyWith the advent of advanced SLR cameras, people have suddenly found love and fascination for photography. One of the most popular categories that people have ventured into is wildlife photography. Wildlife photography has been explored only by a few photographers till now. However, the demand for such photographers has seen many people flock towards this aspect of photography. Anyone with an interest in wild life can pursue a successful career in wildlife photography. Passion for this field is important as it would reflect in your work as well. However, before venturing any further you need to understand the basic concepts of photography and wildlife photography.

Practice Makes Perfect

Before enrolling for any professional course, ensure that you start practicing on your own with some casual shots. You can try experimenting by clicking animals in your neighborhood or even your pet dog. Sudden movements of these animals will give you a fair idea of the problems you will face when shooting wild animals. You also need to understand the behavior of wild animals. You also need to be comfortable spending time outdoors and get used to the life in the jungle.

Learn To Use A DSLR

Digital single lens reflex cameras are the perfect tool to use for any kind of professional photography. There are many aspects and techniques to learn in a DSLR camera before mastering professional photography. Enroll for a course or read up on the internet before taking up wildlife photography seriously. Knowing your capability in handling technical equipment is the key to realizing how much training is needed towards becoming a wildlife photographer.

Available Courses in India

There are various professional courses offered for aspiring photographers. You can even opt for online courses that can help you sharpen your wildlife photography skills. While the basic lessons are free, more advanced modules of the course are available for a basic fee. Many institutes offer wildlife photography courses. Some of the more reputed institutes are:

  • Delhi School Of Photography: The Delhi School of Photography offers a variety of courses for amateur photographers. Two of the major courses are Diploma in Wildlife Photography and Certificate Course in Nature and Wildlife photography.
  • Wildlife Institute Of India: Based in Dehradun, the Wildlife Institute of India is renowned worldwide. They offer diploma courses and degree courses in Wildlife Management. They keep wildlife photography as a key component of all courses offered. This is one of the institutes that will take your photography to the professional level that you desire.
  • School Of Photography (Bharati Vidyapeeth): Based in Pune, Bharati Vidyapeeth is one of the most established institutes of photography. It offers a course in travel and wildlife photography. Students get to learn various advanced features of wildlife photography and they are even given practice assignments before taking the plunge into a career as a wildlife photographer.

Scope Of Wildlife Photography

Wildlife photography is one of the oldest photography professions in the world. With various advancements in technology, the career as a wildlife photographer has evolved. The scope as a wildlife photographer is unlimited. There are always numerous international journals, magazines, and websites that are looking for the best shots from the wild. The demand for wildlife photographers is growing by the day. Photographers can either choose to work fulltime for a magazine or a website or they may choose to work as a freelancer that can enable them to travel freely and shoot as they please. Wildlife photographers also work for various educational institutes or sometimes for a Non Government Organization (NGO).

Renowned Names

Aspiring wildlife photographers have many successful wildlife photographers to look up to. Many of these photographers have established themselves internationally. Some of these names are:

  • Andy Rouse
  • Ganesh Shankar
  • Alexander Mustard
  • Rathika Ramasamy
  • Bill Curtsinger
  • Anup Shah
  • Frans Lanting
  • Brian Hampton

These photographers have become successful because of their passion for the wild. You can refer to the guidance mentioned above and get your name listed among the best wildlife photographers worldwide.

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