Career opportunities with Healthcare Management Degree

A health management degree covers a wide array of issues that can help you develop the skills required to follow a career in health, social care, leisure or education. Here is a list of career opportunities that await you post-obtaining your healthcare management degree!

  • Clinical Manager – Clinical managers are the head of the clinical department, where they head their individual professional teams. Such a multidisciplinary team typically includes doctors, nurses and therapists who work together in a specific area. As a clinical manager, you could be accountable for planning for the future development of the organisation by setting priorities and balancing budgets. Additionally, they are also responsible for ensuring the value for money and quality in all services provided for patients.
  • Finance Manager – These professionals are a vital aspect of all functioning healthcare service. Primarily, finance managers are responsible for ensuring whether the organisation’s funds are appropriately allocated and accounted for. Besides managing the finances of a health organisation, their role also incorporates managing budgets and deciding on resource allocation. The expertise in making day-to-day and strategic management decisions and keeping track of all financial activity. Furthermore, they may also need to work on preparing annual financial reports and checking expenditure and income.
  • Human Resources (HR) Manager – Human resource managers possess the overall responsibility for recruitment, selection, appraisal, staff development and training. These professionals specialise in understanding and implementing employment legislation and welfare. They are accountable for leading and managing a specific group of staff, mostly including all medical staff working in an organisation. Their proficient abilities also include workforce planning, such as providing HR support and advice to the general manager. This may also involve advising on the redeployment of staff from a closing ward.
  • Practise Manager – Practise managers are employed in the primary care of the healthcare centre, where they work to manage the overall running of general practices. This includes positions where people often have their first and most frequent point of contact with the organisation. They are accountable for the smooth running of a centre that includes being aware of both the staff members and the patients. These professionals are generally involved in a wide range of activities, such as business planning, handling the financial systems for the practice, as well as developing strategies for the practice.

Choosing to study a Healthcare Management degree can help you gain foundational knowledge on all you need to know about working in the health sector. If you are curious to learn how then health management system is structured, the type of people they hire and the pay and benefits then apply to a course now!

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